“Potentially the worst rock ‘n’ roll band

in the whole world. They’re that good!” 

Sounds Magazine

‘Livin’ Out Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is the story of The Babysitters (and The Last of the Teenage Idols), arguably the best “worst rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.” Lovingly hand-made, in true Punk rock style by Paolo Sedazarri, the film brings to life the chaos and the humour in a series of hilarious laugh-out-loud anecdotes told by the former band members, some 30 years on. Featuring interviews with well-known music journalists and cleverly intercut with film footage, stills and the music itself, this is a brand new ‘rockumentary’ not unlike ‘Anvil – The Story of Anvil’ and with as many belly laughs as ‘This is Spinal Tap’.   Kate Thompson

The rockumentary Livin’ Out Rock’n’Roll plays the Portobello Film Festival on Friday the 30th August at the Pop Up Cinema, 3 Acklam Road, London W10 5TY.

(Where the Westway crosses the Portobello Road.)

At 7.45 pm. Admission is free.

Running Time: 61 minutes.

 The US premiere will be in New York City at the CBGB Music and Film Festival in October.

Livin' Out Rock'n'Roll is about the dirty disregarded history of the London 80s rock scene, the story of the Babysitters and The Last of the Teenage Idols as told by the people who have somehow managed to survive it. 

This is a scene that began and revolved around the legendary rock'n'roll table - the epicentre of the London rock scene below the offices of the Melody Maker in Holborn.

Among the interviewees are Shuff, Vom Ritchie (Die Toten Hosen) and journalists Ben Marshall and David Stubbs. Charlie Harper, Captain Sensible and Mike Read also make cameo appearances.


Here’s the film trailer :-


Classic Rock recently gave the film a glowing review and there is also a jolly good one in this month’s Vive Le Rock – the one with Debbie Harry/CBGB on the cover.


Here's another nice review :-


Maybe see you on the 30th?


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