THE LIVING END have announced a very special one off show!  Yes, this is the last time you will see the band before they emerge from the studio brandishing their new album in hand.  The Living End will be headlining the concert performance at the 2011 Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix! The band dropped by Triple M to announce their performance at the race last week, check out the video of that here < e-f1-gp/20110127-b7te.html> . It seems that organisers are quite thrilled, having sent us photos of The Living End's very own F1 cars!    It all goes down in Melbourne on Sunday March 27th, so check out all details here:  < >  Finally, it's true - in the next week or two The Living End will  commence recording for their sixth album. The band are heading into the studio with American producer Nick DiDia. Nick has worked with the likes of Rage Against the Machine, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and Powderfinger - so watch out!  We'll see if we can squirrel away some pieces of information from the studio to keep you updated.  THE LIVING END TOUR DATES:  Sun Mar 27 - F1 Grand Prix, Melbourne VIC  Tickets and more info: Website: <> Myspace: <> Facebook: <> 
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