Here Les, can you Lemmy £45m?




ROCK fan Les Scadding - rolling in it after a �45million lottery win - has celebrated his birthday by meeting Motorhead legend Lemmy.

Les and wife Sam went back stage at a gig and next day returned the favour by inviting the heavy metal group to their hotel suite for a champagne party.

A pal said: "Les is a die-hard fan and was blown away to meet Motorhead. He just keeps saying, 'I can't believe it's real'."

Jobless trucker Les celebrated his 59th birthday with two �55 tickets for him and Sam, 38, for the concert in their home town of Newport, South Wales.

The next night the EuroMillions winners stayed at the five-star St David's Hotel in Cardiff and swigged �100 bubbly with family and friends.

Les and Sam arrived in a �70,000 Range Rover Sport and hired a �500-a-night suite.

Then they found Lemmy, 63, and his band were staying too and invited them up.

Yesterday the couple had still not emerged at dusk - while Motorhead took their tour bus to their next show in Swindon, Wilts. As Les and Sam prepared for a Caribbean holiday, a friend said: "Les hasn't celebrated his birthday in years as he never wanted to make a fuss. So it was a dream weekend for him."

The couple are keen to buy Led Zeppelin rocker Robert Plant's �2.5million mansion, 12 miles from their �150,000 semi.



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