FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SPEAR OF DESTINY PULL OUT OF VIVE LE ROCK SPONSORED SLF TOUR  We are very sorry to report that Kirk's illness of last week has not subsided at all. Kirk is currently residing in hospital where he will be remaining for quite some time, according to the marvelous doctors who are looking after him.  Obviously this means we are going to have to pull out of the the upcoming tour with SLF. We, Kirk,the band, crew and management, are all completely gutted. We all hope the tour is a massive success for SLF, as you know we are all very good friends and have been for many years, we all wish the tour the very best and know it will have the full support from everybody connected with Spear of Destiny.  It seems a long way off right now but lets hope Kirk is 100% fit and we can join SLF in March 2012.........  Please pass on our sincere apologies to all the fans, clubs and promoters. Best LIAM obo 
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