The Kinks' Ray Davies Invites Punk/Garage Rock Music Icons the Sonics to  Meltdown Fest the Sonics also slated for shows in France, Belgium       Tacoma, WA - Punk/garage rock music icons the Sonics are slated to  return to Europe for seven tourdates kicking off on May 27th at La Cigale in  Paris, France, with a grand finale performance at the prestigious Meltdown  Festival hosted this year by The Kinks' Ray Davies in London on June 18th.       Since 1993 some of the world most distinguished musicians have been  the guest directors of Meltdown. From John Peel through to Massive Attack, via  David Bowie, Patti Smith, Morrissey and more, Meltdown has given seminal  artists the chance to pick their favourite artists to play and exhibit their  work at Southbank Centre.       The New York Dolls reunited for Morrissey; Jeff Buckley played his  final UK show at Elvis Costello's Meltdown; Nick Cave, Grace Jones and Pete  Doherty sang Disney songs with Jarvis Cocker; Patti Smith performed Horses in  full for her Meltdown. This festival brings legendary artists to Southbank  Centre for a very special week of one-off performances.The Sonics received a  personal invitation from 2011 Meltdown host the Kinks' Ray Davies to appear  at the Meltdown Festival in London on June 18th.       The Sonics complete European tour schedule includes: May 25     La Cigale, 120 bd Rouchechouart, Paris, France - May 28     Le 106, 106 Quai Jean de Bethancourt, Rouen, France - May 31     Montpellier - TBA June 1     Nuits Sonores Festival, Lyon, France - June 3     La Sirene, 111 Boulebard Emile Delmas, La Pallice, La Rochelle,  France - June 5     Ancienne Belgique, Anspachlaan 110, Brussels, Belgium - June 18     Ray Davies Meltdown Festival, London, UK      -       Since the beginning of garage rock, the northwest sound, grunge, or  whatever anyone calls it, the Sonics set the precedence and the pace, and the  sound that gave to every musician and band that followed the inalienable  right to take rock to the edge of the universe, to explore the possibilities,  to get out of the rut, experiment, and to scream your guts out, that you have  arrived, and to continue that thought. The Sonics have remained the most  recognized sounds ever listened to by aspiring musicians and multitudes of  fans around the world.       Originally from Tacoma, Washington USA, the Sonics are claimed  worldwide to be the first punk band, or garage, or hard rock, or alternative,  setting the stage for all that would follow. The Sonics are still based in the  Northwest USA. Following their early retirement from being the Sonics, they  left a legacy and decades of fans who continued to spread the word and the  music. Still revered, in late 2007 the Sonics regrouped and reignited on the  scene in Brooklyn, New York headlining two sold out shows at the Warsaw.       Original members of the Sonics included Bob Bennett, Drums; Larry  Parypa, Guitar; Jerry Roslie, keys and lead vocals; Rob Lind, sax, harp and  vocals; Andy Parypa, bass;The Sonics today includes: Jerry Roslie keys, lead  vocals, Rob Lind, sax, harp and vocals; Larry Parypa, guitar bkg vocals; Ricky  Lynn Johnson, drums, and; Freddie Dennis, bass and vocals.   Official Sonics Web Site  Sonics Facebook Page  Meltdown Festival   
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