EMI are releasing KILLING JOKE's 'The Peel Sessions '79-'81' on 8th September. This is the first time the tracks will be available on CD (and digital download), showing a raw sound and in some cases predating their studio recordings by some months. There are also 3 bonus tracks from a Richard Skinner session from the same period.

Liner notes come courtesy of Alex Paterson, who was the  band’s roadie before founding The Orb. The following extract paints a vivid  picture of what to expect from the album:
“Killing Joke went  up to Maida Vale to the BBC studios for the first of many sessions... We  weren’t used to this, but we had to record four songs & mix them all in a  day, Jaz smashed his hand hitting a glass BBC jar with a drum stick and had to  go to hospital. I did the woos on Malicious Boogie and hit the cow bell too!  Geordie has a fractured guitar noise, Godlike in his walls of sound, Big Paul  is all power, raw, brutal & pristine, Youth, best mate, funking all the  time & coming up with the best fuzzed opus bass lines & Jaz Coleman,  classical madman & Requiem to our gods, the OBX was his sound, melodic  & searching, echoing into your soul.”
Full liner notes  are available on request.
The album features the original Killing  Joke line-up, and this release marks the start of a world tour of that  line-up, including now top producer Youth, playing tracks only from this era  during two night residencies at each venue. The band hit these shores on 03  & 04 October @ The Forum, London.
John Peel - 17/10/79:
1/ Psyche
2/ Wardance
3/  Nuclear Boy
4/ Malicious Boogie
John Peel - 5/3/80:
5/  Change
6/ Tomorrow's World
7/ Complication
John Peel -  27/4/81:
8/ The Fall Of Because
9/ Tension
John Peel - 16/12/81:
11/The Hum 
12/Empire Song
13/We Have Joy
14/Chop Chop
Bonus  session:
Richard Skinner – 29/5/81:

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