Aussie underground legends LIPSTICK KILLERS are finally getting their first ever anthology.

Totally deserving to be mentioned in the same breath as Radio Birdman, The Saints and The Scientists et al, this Sydney quartet burned relatively briefly but oh so incandescently, remarkably only releasing one single during their 1978-81 lifespan.

But what a single! Not just an underground classic, the Deniz Tek-produced 'Hindu Gods (Of Love)' has gone on to become a card-carrying Aussie punk standard, right up there with 'Burn My Eye' and 'Stranded', covered by numerous bands, both domestic and international over the years.

Inspired by The Stooges and the Nuggets-era psychedelic sounds of the likes of 13th Floor Elevators and The Chocolate Watch Band, the Killers would bear a huge influence on the early 80s Aussie underground explosion and beyond.

The double-vinyl Strange Flash – Studio & Live ’78-‘81 includes both the 'Hindu Gods...' b/w 'Shakedown USA' and posthumous 'Sockman' b/w 'Pensioner Pie' singles, the posthumous LA-recorded live album Mesmerizer - mastered from the original mixing desk cassette! - plus a previously unreleased 1980 demo album produced by the legendary Lobby Loyde.

The double-CD edition adds a 1978 Adelaide live set, and also celebrates Killers precursors Psycho-Surgeons with their '78 'Wild Weekend' b/w 'Horizontal Action' single and early-days rehearsal recordings.

Set for release on 25 June through Grown Up Wrong Records, Strange Flash is available to pre-order from Bandcamp and Rough Trade.

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