Following his 'Attack' on Bloc Party Johnny Rotten Leaves Duffy In Tears!!

Legendary singer Johnny Rotten Lydon launched a volley of ear-splitting abuse at rising singer-songwriter Duffy at the recent Mojo music awards.

The former Sex Pistol frontman was speaking to reporters backstage when the Welsh singer approached him from behind to give him a hug, reports the Daily Express.

The Sex Pistols frontman was said to have then flown into a rage, whipping round to face the 23-year-old and snarling, "You never, ever do that to me.

"Holding back tears, Duffy, who scooped the song of the year award with Mercy, fled from the scene, while Lydon, 52, declared to journalists the scene was like a "bad advert for binge drinking".

One of the insiders of the awards, who witnessed the clash at London venue The Brewery, said: Duffy came walking through the double doors into the room where all the photographs of the winners were being taken.

At that time Lydon had his back to her. But as she walked past he swung his arm around before he pinned her against the wall. She giggled a bit at first, thinking he was having a laugh, but then realised he was serious.

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