JOHN FOXX-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW IN CURRENT ISSUE OF VIVE LE ROCK!  JOHN FOXX & THE MATHS   LIVE AT XOYO- LONDON TUESDAY 25th & THURSDAY 27th OCTOBER 2011  With support from:   GAZELLE TWIN TARA BASCH XENO & OAKLANDER THE NEAT  ‘One of the finest electronic records you’ll hear in 2011.’ THE QUIETUS /  John Foxx’s career has been one of eras, one of movements. A career that has formed Ultravox! A solo career that has seen him work with a list of collaborators that reads like a who’s who of cutting edge electronic artists. The likes of Brian Eno, Krautrock producer Conny Plank, Ladytron, Paul Daley from Leftfield, Cocteau Twins guitarist Robin Guthrie and I, Robot movie director Alex Proyas have each played a part in Foxx’s proflic career but the constant remains that, no matter who he is working with, John Foxx is as musically relevant now as he ever was.  ‘Interplay’, the crically acclaimed album by John Foxx and The Maths (out now on  Metamatic Records) , is latest instalment in a career that has lasted over 30 years. It is an album the BBC claim ‘equals the high points of his rich back catalogue’ and one that Mojo describe simply as ‘a triumph’  This incredible body of work will be brought to the live arena with two very special nights at new East London venue XOYO on the 25th and 27th of October. Supporting on the 25th will be  Gazelle Twin and Tara Busch and the 27th Xeno & Oaklander and The Neat.  Impressive supports to say the least and just to make these shows even more special those who attend both gigs will be rewarded with a CD featuring remixes of John Foxx tracks by all the supports mentioned which will also be signed by Foxx himself.  Foxx will be joined on stage at XOYO by Benge (Keyboards, Percussion), Serafina Steer (Keyboards, Bass), Hannah Peel (Keyboards, Violin) and will be performing new album material as well as classic songs from early Ultravox and Foxx’s solo career, including the groundbreaking 1980 album, Metamatic.   Get your tickets for these shows at XOYO here : -  TICKETWEB    25TH OCT 2011  27TH OCT 2011  FROM THE VENUE  DIRECT : XOYO   25TH OCT 2011  27TH OCT 2011  SEE TICKETS  25TH OCT 2011  27TH OCT 2011   VIP MEET AND GREET TICKETS !!!  If you fancy meeting the icon which is John Foxx face to face on the night and get a load of exclusive ltd goodies too then you can buy VIP MEET AND GREET TICKETS here : -   25TH OCT 2011  27TH OCT 2011 
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