The sign that honors rock legend Joey Ramone in Manhattan could be New York City’s most frequently stolen street sign. Officials say that the city has had to replace the sign numerous times since it was first put up.

According to, The Department of Transportation has just replaced the “Joey Ramone Place” sign for the fourth time since 2003. This time, it was raised eight feet to place it out of thieves’ reach. The sign, located at the corner of Bowery and East Second Street, is now about 20 feet above the ground.

Ramones drummer Marky Ramone thinks that Joey would enjoy the distinction of having the most-stolen street sign. However, because of the sign’s new height, Marky said, “Now you have to be an NBA player to see it.”

DOT officials said the Ramone sign isn’t the only one that’s popular to pilfer. Broadway, Wall Street and Love Lane markers each attract their share of thieves.

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