The Jesus and Mary Chain Upside Down: The Best OfŠ Out 15th November  Colossal, violent, electrifying, The Jesus And Mary Chain made a profound impact on the music of their generation and played an integral part in shaping the sound of British music for years to come.  Upside Down: The Best of The Jesus And Mary Chain (out November 15th on Music Club Deluxe, a division of Demon) is a 2 CD career-spanning overview that marks 25 years since their first album Psychocandy. The very first of its kind for brothers Jim and William Reid and their many notable musical cohorts, Upside Down features all single ŒA¹ sides, key album tracks and rarities, with guest appearances by Shane MacGowan (The Pogues) and Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), and, of course, original drummer Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream).   Named after the band¹s groundbreaking debut single, this collection coincides with the release of the documentary film Upside Down: The Story Of Creation Records, which features interviews with The Jesus And Mary Chain, the label¹s first big breakout act. Both of the band¹s Top 10 UK chart toppers -- ³April Skies² (no. 8 in May 1987), and ³Reverence² (no. 10 in February 1992) -- are herein, along with ten other top 40 hits. Included also are two tracks never before found on a Jesus And Mary Chain release: their 2008 recording ³All Things Must Pass² (recorded for the US TV programme Heroes) and ³45 RPM² (previously only available on an XFM compilation).  Actively touring since their reformation in 2007, The Jesus And Mary Chain headlined the Meltdown festival that same year, their first UK appearance in nearly a decade, followed by a sold-out show at Brixton Academy. Their distinctive feedback-saturated wall-of-sound has increasingly been acknowledged by a new generation of bands such as The Raveonettes, The Horrors, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dum Dum Girls and Wavves; and their songs have frequently appeared in TV and films (Sofia Coppola¹s Lost In Translation made great use of their classic ³Just Like Honey²).  Upside Down: The Best of The Jesus And Mary Chain  CD 1      CD2 1. Just Like Honey 3.02    1. Half Way To Crazy 3.41 2. April Skies 4.01     2. You Trip Me Up 2.26 3. Blues From A Gun 4.44    3. Rollercoaster 3.46 4. Far Gone And Out 2.51    4. Birthday 3.57 5. Some Candy Talking 3.18          5. Happy Place 2.24 6. Come On 2.14     6. Something I Can¹t Have 3.04 7. Head On 4.12             7. I Hate Rock¹n¹Roll 3.44 8. I Love Rock ¹n¹ Roll 2.37    8. Tower Of Song 4.50 9. All Things Must Pass 4.28    9. Vegetable Man 3.35 10. Reverence 3.41     10. In A Hole 3.03 11. Sidewalking 3.35     11. Kill Surf City 3.12 12. Cracking Up 4.41     12. 33 1/3 3.19 13. Upside Down 3.00            13. Cherry Came Too 3.03 14. Never Understand 2.59    14. Between Planets 3.27 15. The Hardest Walk 2.39    15. Moe Tucker 3.19 16. Happy When It Rains 3.37   16. Little Stars 3.34 17. The Perfect Crime 1.36    17. God Help Me 2.48 18. Sometimes Always 2.32    18. New York City 2.00 19. Almost Gold 3.19     19. Nine Million Rainy Days 4.28 20. Darklands 5.29     20. Drop 1.58 21. 45 RPM1.52             21. Black 5.19 22. Head 3.51             22. Psychocandy 2.55 
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