MEMBERS legend J.C. CARROLL has announced an intimate London solo show.

The show takes place on Sunday 19 June at The Garden, Covent Garden Studios, Great Newport Street.

J.C.'s solo show is an adaptation of his successful pandemic streaming show Solitary Confinement in the Suburbs. A mixture of nailed-on punk and New Wave classics "the Hits" from his days on Stiff and Virgin and a bit of Chanson, Music Hall, Murder Ballads and his own not inconsiderable catalogue of songs… Expect the Unexpected... some special guests dropping in and some great stories.

"This is such a special show for me because it feels like I haven’t done a proper solo show in the West End ever," says J.C. "I’ve done hundreds of shows over the years but none just me and my guitar in a beautiful small theatre. I’ve learnt so much over the pandemic and I’ve learnt that people love some of the songs I don’t play with the band so I’m going to play them all tonight. All the complicated chords all the weird lyrics about nursing homes and suicides, apathy in the UK , Robin Hood in reverse , New English blues part one and two."

Tickets are on sale here.

Sign up at the Facebook event.

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