YOUTH CLUB Projects presents #3:



From 18th – 31st August

YOUTH CLUB 2.1 Kingly Court (Just off Carnaby St). London W1B 5PW

Open Mon – Fri 11am – 6pm


“Its Something Hell’s” is a celebration of Rockabilly, Rockers & Teddy Boy style past and present.

The exhibition is a collaboration between YOUTH CLUB and the renowned Rockabilly barber Mr Ducktail and 50s beauty stylist Miss Betty. Featured in the show are photographs from the Youth Club archive by Tim Scott, Leonie Morse, Richard Braine, Robin Maddock plus many more shots from the 50s to the present.


YOUTH CLUB is an award winning pop culture company that is passionate about

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“What Rockabilly gave us in fusing Blues, Gospel, Rhythm & Blues with old-time Country, they (and black musicians like Chuck Berry who were making the cross-over from the opposite direction) created the soundtrack for the 20th century and beyond. Horrified at the sight of white teens from ‘good families’ shaking their booties on the dance floor, public spirited civic leaders announced ‘Rock & Roll Has Got To Go’ and smashed vinyl records to underline their intention. But it didn’t go away and, in various distinct but ultimately related genres, it evolved into what most people all over the world listen and groove to today.” – Ted Polhemus



Thursday 18th August

YOUTH CLUB, 2.1 Kingly Court, London W1B 5PW from 6pm

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