Imperial Leisure New Album and New Tour Dates

"Like a coiled spring" is how front man D-boy-D-nice describes the current mood of Imperial Leisure. Hard at work on their third album and things are going great, yet being bound to the studio is frustrating for a band that lives for the live event. 

However, soon the wait shall be over! Salvation comes in the form of ALTSKA ON AVON at the Fleece in Bristol on September 15th: Imperial Leisure join forces with an awesome selection of up and coming Ska inspired bands including THE MUGNUS PUTO. Then it’s back to tour mode in November, kicking things off in a big way by sharing the stage with none other than KING PRAWN on their much anticipated come back tour (Imperial Leisure supporting on 

various dates most notably London KOKO Nov'24th)! 

2014 is set to be a big year for these booze fuelled reprobates so keep your eyes and ears open.


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