When Iggy Pop says get your gear off

By GREER McDONALD - The Dominion Post
Last updated 05:00 31/10/2009
THE IDIOT: Sam Logan strums his stuff  in a bedroom performance.
THE IDIOT: Sam Logan strums his stuff in a bedroom performance. "Iggy commanded me, told me to strip'' because he "didn't recognise me with my clothes on''.

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When grandfather of punk Iggy Pop commanded Sam Logan to strip, he wasn't going to argue with "the man".

The 20-year-old from Karori was one of nine New Zealand artists chosen to re-record the ageing rocker's hit single The Passenger via a live internet connection yesterday. The group laid down their tracks as Iggy, 62, a former member of The Stooges, recorded vocals from Miami.

After more than 200 auditions, four musicians from Wellington were involved in the promotion to play with Iggy, arranged by telecommunications company Orcon.

The music and footage will also be used to create commercials and a full music video.

Mr Logan won his place in the group after he displayed his guitar skills wearing only underpants while he stood on his bed during his audition.

During his one-on-one time with Iggy, Mr Logan said "Iggy commanded me, told me to strip" because he "didn't recognise me with my clothes on".

The New Zealand School of Music composition student said: "You can't really argue with the man. I was the only one who got as naked as I did.

"I'm sure it was not so much my guitar playing that got me through, just me and my idiocy."

Stephanie Engelbrecht, a drummer from Mt Cook, said the experience was "pretty awesome". "He said I had a killer left hand."

The 22-year-old, who has played drums since she was aged 11, said she saw Iggy Pop perform at the Big Day Out concert earlier this year and it was "kinda surreal" to record with him.

"My mum's super proud. I did it for her. She said, `Stephanie, please do this,' so I did."

Professional musician Takumi Motokawa, from Brooklyn, who played marimba, said he had not heard much of Iggy Pop but "knew a few songs".

"He was very charismatic, a nice person," the 25-year-old said.

"It was an amazing experience to be working with one of the biggest rock'n'roll legends."

The recording session was also streamed live on Facebook.

The finished track will be available for viewing from November 17.

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