Hawkwind   Eastworld recordings is very proud to announce the signing of legendary space rockers Hawkwind   The original pioneers of Space Rock return with their eagerly awaited stunning new album - Blood Of The Earth, their first in 5 years. Produced by the band at state of the art recording facility Earth Studios, Blood Of The Earth takes the listener on a journey through crushing visceral space rock, doom driven poetry, whimsical mantras and imagination opera. An example of humans and machines pulsing in harmony out into the void........ Hawkwind are an English rock band, one of the earliest space rock groups. Their lyrics favour urban and science fiction themes. They are also a noted precursor to punk rock and now are considered a link between the hippie and punk cultures. Formed in early1969 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Dave Brock, Hawkwind have gone through many incarnations and styles of music. Critic Jim Green describes their trademark sound as characterized by "that gargantuan and impenetrable pre-metal/hardcore drone, those great riffs, that inexorable drive to destinations unknown". Dozens of musicians have worked with the group; notable fantasy and science fiction writer Michael Moorcock was an occasional collaborator.         A brief overview of the bands history   1969 - Hawkwind formed by former London busker Dave Brock who remains at the helm today.  1970 - The band appeared outside the perimeter fence of the Isle of Wight Festival and played at the first Glastonbury Festival. Hawkwind¹s first single, ³Hurry on Sundown², was also released followed by the self titled debut album, ŒHAWKWIND¹   1972 ­ Band record and release their trademark single ³Silver Machine², featuring Lemmy on vocals, a huge hit that brings band to the attention of the wider public and has since been used in commercials for Mazda cars and Red Square vodka drink. Around the same time various contributors became involved in creative process, these included sci-fi author Michael Moorcock, poet and visionary Bob Calvert, designer ŒBarney Bubbles¹and lighting engineer ŒLiquid Len. Band tour the USA for the first time.   1975 - After a drugs bust in USA, Lemmy leaves the band and goes on to form ŒMOTORHEAD¹.  1980 ­ Release 2 top 10 albums, Live 79 and Levitation, the latter sees former Cream member Ginger Baker on drumming duties.  1979 - 1985 the band¹s singles and albums make regular inroads into the national, independent and heavy metal charts.   1985 - The band performed the ambitious ŒCHRONICLE OF THE BLACK SWORD¹, as a spectacular live show inspired by Michael Moorcock¹s epic saga, ŒELRIC OF MELNIBONE¹.   1986 - Headline the Reading Rock Festival, with guest appearance from Lemmy.   Late 80¹s ­ Early 90¹s ­ Band become more electronic in approach, especially in the studio and are a huge influence on the emerging dance and rave scene.   The 90¹s - As ever the band performed on regular national and international tours releasing more new material along the way. Early 00¹s - Appear on the TV show Top 10 (prog rock edition) and tour Australia for first time. Iconic vocalist Arthur Brown makes various guest appearances at live shows. In 2002 Hawkwind hold the first ³Hawkfest², a 3 day, family friendly event headlined by the band.   2005 ­ Release studio album Take Me To Your Leader.   2006 ­ Release Take Me To Your Future on ³dual disc² format (music one side, film the other)   2009 ­ Headline Beautiful days festival and other major UK festivals, receiving great acclaim. Begin 40th anniversary celebrations with 2 sold out shows at London¹s Porchester Hall, 40 years to the day of Hawkwind¹s first ever gig. In December, joined by guest violinist Jon Sevink of the Levellers, Hawkwind play to sell out audiences on their Christmas UK tour.   2010 ­ Release new album ­ Blood Of the Earth   Throughout their career the band also have continued to perform at numerous free concerts, most famously the STONEHENGE festival, and have supported many and various charities, including SHELTER, GREENPEACE, TRAVELLERS AID TRUST, BRAINSCAN, FREE TIBET CAMPAIGN, SAVE ENDANGERED SPECIES and SEA SHEPHERD.           Blood Of The Earth will be available on the formats below      Hear tracks from the album here http://www.eastworldrecordings.com/digital/Hawkwind_Ecard/hawkwind_ecard.htm   TRACKLIST   EWO042CD 1. Seahawks 2. Blood Of The Earth 3. Wraith 4. Green Machine 5. Inner Visions 6. Sweet Obsession 7. Comfey Chair 8. Prometheus 9. Youd Better Believe It 10. Sentinel 11. Starshine (Bonus Track)     EWO043CDLTD Deluxe - Disc 1 - (Studio) 1. Seahawks 2. Blood Of The Earth 3. Wraith 4. Green Machine 5. Inner Visions 6. Sweet Obsession 7. Comfy Chair 8. Prometheus 9. You¹d Better Believe It 10. Sentinel Disc 2 - (Live) 1. Galactic Angels (Bonus Track) 2. Wraith (Bonus Track) 3. Tide Of The Century (Bonus Track) 4. Magnu (Bonus Track) 5. Levitation (Bonus Track) 6. Long Gone (Bonus Track) + Interview   RCV030LP Side A 1. Seahawks ­ 06:14 2. Blood Of The Earth ­ 02:59 3. Wraith ­ 06:07 Side B 4. Green Machine ­ 04:04 5. Inner Visions ­ 04:29 6. Sweet Obsession ­ 04:45 Side C 7. Comfy Chair ­ 04:54 8. Prometheus ­ 05:48 9. You¹d Better Believe It ­ 07:11 Side D 10. Sentinel ­ 06:03 11. Starshine ­ 07:11 12. Sunship ­ 02:54 (Bonus Track)   
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