‘Hawkwind At The BBC 1972’, captures the band just after their surprise no. 3 hit single in July with the classic ‘Silver Machine’, and before their live experience ‘Space Ritual’, which was recorded on tour later that same year.

Whilst the bulk of this double CD release is made up of the live set recorded for the BBC In Concert programme, it opens with a previously unreleased session recorded for Johnnie Walker, featuring a shortened version of the ‘Doremi Fasol Latido’ album classic ‘Brainstorm’, and a version of the then hit single ‘Silver Machine’, featuring Lemmy on vocals as per the single.

The In Concert itself, a hypnotic continuous performance, is presented in both mono and stereo versions. The mono version was previously released by Windsong on CD in 1991 and has been remastered and re-indexed to include all of the pieces originally performed, and the concert itself in its entirety.

The stereo version has long been in the domain of the bootleggers as an off-air recording known as the "Broadcast" version. This mix was in fact distributed by the BBC for broadcast internationally and features an edited ‘Brainstorm’, missing approximately four-minutes from the front of the song, a shorter ‘Welcome To The Future’ and ‘Electronic No. 1’ (not indexed on the previous CD release), but longer a Countdown introduction. Officially released for the first time, apart from being in stereo, the sound quality is superior to the mono version and the mix is generally more exciting.

Whilst the CD racks and on-line listings are full of unofficial and poor Hawkwind live recordings, this set is a prime chunk of Space-Rock from the band at the peak of their powers and is an essential addition to the band's huge discography.



Johnnie Walker Radio 1 Session (Mono) – Previously Unreleased

1. Brainstorm

2. Silver Machine

In Concert at The Paris Theatre, London on September 28th, 1972 (Mono):

3. Countdown

4. Born To Go

5. The Black Corridor

6. Seven By Seven

7. Brainstorm

8. Electronic No. 1 – Previously Unreleased

9. Master Of The Universe

10. Paranoia

11. Earth Calling

12. Silver Machine

13. Welcome To The Future



In Concert at The Paris Theatre, London on September 28th, 1972 (Stereo). All Previously Unreleased

1. Countdown

2. Born To Go

3. The Black Corridor

4. Seven By Seven

5. Brainstorm

6. Electronic No. 1

7. Master Of The Universe

8. Paranoia

9. Earth Calling

10. Silver Machine

11. Welcome To The Future


Hugh Galland

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