Gypsy Hotel @ Hackney Empire Friday 3 July 2009

Hey People!
We are very happy to announce that we will be checking in to the Hackney Empire this summer for a one-off show featuring the biggest and the best performers we have had at Gypsy Hotel so far.
The Hackney Empire is a beautiful 1300 capacity theatre built in 1901, with 3 floors of seated and standing viewing (all close to the bar!) and most importantly, a huge stage which will allow us to have motorcycles, firewhips, hanging chandeliers and 12 piece bands with no problems!
(This does not mean we are moving out of Bardens Boudoir, we will still be in our favourite sleazy speakeasy basement every 3rd Saturday of the month)

Here’s the confirmed line-up of what is guaranteed to be THE party of the summer:

The Urban Voodoo Machine
–These red’n’black hellraisers wll be celebrating the release of their very fucking long awaited debut album “Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll”

The Fire Tusk Pain Proof Circus
-Fire, motorbikes, straitjackets, chainsaws, whips, knives and flying usherettes: The Fire Tusk Pain Proof Circus drags circus, kicking and screaming into the 21st century on an unstoppable, rock ‘n' roll rollercoaster ride to Hell!

-Elepant Man Elvis, Norma Guntz and more freakshow cartoon fun!

The Cesarians
-Not since The Birthday Party crashed and burned in Berlin, have the twisted sounds of old style decadence been pumped so intensely through distorted amplifiers. London scenesters looking for a scene free of recycled rock, have found expression in The Cesarians cabaret world.

Empress Stah
-Trapeze Artist, Neo Burlesque Starlet, Fetish Freak & Twisted Cabaret Performer will be doing her signature performance "Hanging From The Chandelier"!

Lady Ane Angel
-The Fire-Breathing Snake-Charmin’ Beauty from the land of ice!

dj Scratchy
-Our resident wax-spinner who has toured with the Clash, The Pogues and Gogol Bordello amongst others!

Frank Sanazi
- The Ubermeister of Lounge brings a NEW ORDER and discipline to the usually more relaxed swing style. He has embraced the modern idiom by singing about and reflecting on the world around him. As his music and style originate from his homeland he has preferred to call the whole movement 'Fatherlounge' Frank has been accused of racism, an accusation he strongly rebuffs by pointing out that he is on tour with two gentleman from the middle east and another who is both black and Jewish.

Texas Chainsaw Orchestra
-From the people who brought you "The Texas Chainsaw Travelling Horror Picture Show" and original gothabilly band "Texas Chainsaw" comes the all new hard-hitting 13-piece "Texas Chainsaw Orchestra": a hell-raising horror swing ensemble that explodes with big band versions of their spooky rock-n-roll songs, obscure and twisted covers and bizarre tales of the unknown. With a line-up that includes beautiful “corpse-bride” backup singers, an undead brass section, and a cast of Edwardian ghouls, they’re guaranteed to put on one hell of a show!

Lalla Morte
-The Parisian baguette bashing burlesque brunette!

Missy Macabre
-Burlesque gone bad in a bathtub full of broken glass!

“If you only have 12 hours to live, spend it at Gypsy Hotel”


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