GROEZROCK 2014, Edition #23:


We just received some bad news: ROTTING OUT will have to cancel their Spring Tour due to one of the members having to deal with critical health issues and having to get treatment. It's impossible for them to do this tour. We wish them all the best and a fast recovery.

Rotting Out will be replaced by Liferuiner. LIFERUINER is a contiguous thinking melodic hardcore band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. "Future Revisionists" is their sophomore release that represents a strong message of equality, integrity, and passion. LIFERUINER hopes to inspire change not only with their music, but also their mess. They are on the road with Norma Jean.


Besides GROEZROCK, each year there is a bunch of GROEZROCK Pre-Parties. When you're in the neighborhood, make sure you'll drop by and say hello. You might even win some GR-Tickets.

Official Belgium Groezrock pre-show in cooperation with HeartBreakTunes

GROEZROCK 2012             FLYER

Groezrock and HeartBreakTunes are excited to announce the official Belgian Groezrock pre-party with lots of Macbeth goodies.

You might win tickets to Groezrock.

When: Thursday April 3rd - 19:30h

Where: Muziek-O-Droom
Bands : Bury Tomorrow, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, The Charm The Fury, Moments
Tickets: Ticket Shop
For more information check out the FACEBOOK page.


Line Up:

With a sound that merges the plaintiveness of post-hardcore with the punishing heaviness of metalcore, Bury Tomorrow attack listeners from all fronts with their emotionally charged metal assault. Offsetting layers of pleasant, atmospheric melody with sudden bursts of chugging heaviness, the band uses its breakdowns to create a brooding, moody effect, as if the songs are lurching into a fit when provoked from their somber ruminations.

Pop punk with a melodic hardcore edge with heavy vibe breakdowns, a high-paced rhythm section and odd keyboards.

The band, formed in September 2010, has a unique take on metalcore and is not only known for its harmonious but chaotic tracks, but also because of female screamer Caroline.
Inspired by bands such as Underoath, For Today, Architects and Every Time I Die, The Charm the Fury brings a new dimension to the genre. With a strong focus on quality, dynamics and loudness, the stubborn TCTF twist cannot be missed

This melody-driven hardcore band from Belgium has been touring non-stop since these youngsters started out in 2011. After spreading their name across the country and after releasing a first EP they are now climbing their way up. In november 2013 the band released another promising EP which had an immense impact and made them cross the country borders. Their sound has become heavier and they bring the most energetic live show you've probably ever seen. It's been a crazy journey so far but there's a lot more to come.

Acoustic Punk Meeting 4 @ Groezrock Campsite - BBQ area

GROEZROCK 2012             FLYER

After successful editions during previous years, it's time for edition 4 of the Groezrock Acoustic Punk Meeting. And by Acoustic, we mean acoustic. No PA, no amps, just a guitar and sing-a-longs.

When: Thursday May 1st - 22:00h
Where: BBQ area at the campsite

What: Basically this is a way to get people together on the night before the festival starts, play some music, sing along, and have a drink.

Please invite all your friends, the more the merrier! And if you'd like to play feel free to contact us at

For more information check out the FACEBOOK page.

Lots of people would like to play, we'll do our best to let everyone play a few songs. We don't want to make a time schedule or rules for this. We'll just see what happens. It has to stay a fun thing to do, right?!

See you there! Don't forget to invite all your friends!

The Smith Street Band (AUS), Crazy Arm (UK), ASTPAI (AT), The Dutch Rudders (BE), Tragical History Tour (SCO), (Derrick from UNIFORMS), Trash Candy (SLO), Evening Call (BE), Radio 911 (BE), ScrXtch (NL), James Choice (AT), Xenofon Razis (GR), Dirty Leaves (UK), Icons Down! (FR), Greg Rekus (CAN), Sweet Empire (NL), Ducking Punches (UK), Jonathan Marriott (UK), One Strike Left (DE), I Like Allie (IT), Emma Hallows (UK), The Murderburgers (SCO), Andrew Cream (UK), DEAD NECK (UK), Steve Allen (Wreck the Place, UK), Sammy H Stephens (UK), Recession Youth (NL), The Roughneck Riot (UK), Benjamin Weston (UK), Ponk (NL), ... more tba


Macbeth brings Uppercut Deluxe barbershop, headed by Paul from AONO to Groezrock

GROEZROCK 2012             FLYER

With over 11 years of experience in the hair/barbering industry, working in and around Brighton and Hove, AONO barbershop was born.
Paul is the UK ambassador for Uppercut
Deluxe and works in LA and around Europe, his dedication to the barbering lifestyle
keeps him pushing the boundaries every day.
He brings traditional barbering into the
modern world and Macbeth brings this experience to you.

Paul and his team of barbers
offer you free haircuts & professional advise. Appointments and walk in service during both days of Groezrock festival. The Barbershop is located front stage left from the Macbeth shop.

Artists and Groezrock visitors can get an appointment with Paul or 1 of his
3 barbers on both days.

The Haircuts are for free however tips are appreciated. We advise you to plan an
appointment by sending an email to
Include your name and phone number and let us know what day and approx what time
you'd prefer. We'll do our best to fulfill your request.

When: Friday May 2nd & Saturday May 3rd
Timing: The Uppercut Deluxe barbershop by Macbeth is open from 12.00 – 22.00 at the Macbeth Booth
Barber Team:Paul, Frank, Brad & Ryan

Distros at GROEZROCK 2014

GROEZROCK 2012             FLYER

Reflections Records, Big Deal Clothing, Bite Back, Up magazine, Fair Trade Merch, Trust No One Clothing, Pontos Nos Is LDA, Abandon Ship Apparel, Ass-Card Records, Pierced Heart, GRM Shop, Funtime Records, Impericon/IC Music And Apparel, MRW Trading BVBA/Mr. Waterpijp, Sea Shepherd Belgium, Cosmos, Reality Records, Shield Recordings, Kings Road Merch/Epitaph Records, Buckaneer Merch, Rock 'n Load Concerts, Free And Wild, Death, Shred!, King Cobra, Black Box Bookings/Strength Clothing, Let's Go Bananas, Faceburn, Green Hell Records, Useless Pride Records, La Agonia de Vivir, De Nieuwste Rages, Bad Mood Records, Lolalolita, NoReason Records, The Limit Records, Myloclo Clothing, Animal Heart Clothing, Attitude Holland, American Socks, Greenpeace Belgium, Hardcore Help Foundation, Atticus Clothing, Total Uprawr, Big Scary Monsters, Hot Sauce Committee, ... + more TBC

Check with Mike de Coene from Hardlife Promotion if there are options left. Mail Mike De Coene @ HARDLIFE PROMOTION .

Coaches to GROEZROCK 2014


People who wish to put on a bus service on their own may pass on their data to the organisation that will (if requested) put this information on the Groezrock homepage so that BUS-POOLING is possible. There will be special (free) parking facilities for these buses. The only thing you have to do, is follow the indications.

Contact GROEZROCK to get discount if you organize a bus-trip.

International Concert Travel, Coaches from the UK

We've been taking music fans to concerts both in the UK and abroad since 1985. We look after several fan clubs for their trips including Iron Maiden who we've worked with since 1999. We've taken UK fans to many festivals over Europe including Rock Am Ring, Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop and Rock En Seine. Everybody who works for us is a music fan themselves and we try to arrange our trips so that they run as a music fan would want.

We're looking forward to coming to Groezrock for the 3rd time!


Rock on wheels, Coaches from Russia

We're looking forward to coming to Groezrock for the 3rd time!


Rockfreaks.Net, Coaches from Denmark (Copenhagen) is the largest online magazine in Denmark. We have shipped music fans from Denmark to Groezrock Festival five years in a row. We have organized a bus tour that departs from Copenhagen on the evening of May 1st, with a pickup option at Fredericia, Denmark, and return again in the morning of May 4th . You're allowed to drink on the bus, and we'll be blasting a Groezrock-themed music playlist for the duration of the tour.



Festride, Coaches from SLOVENIA

Za vsak prevoz zbiramo prijave, ko je prijav zadosti se prevoz potrdi. Prevoz se potrdi/odpove najkasneje 5 dni pred odhodom. Če vam 5 dni (koncerti), 10 dni (festivali) pred odhodom ne potrdimo prevoza je prevoz odpovedan. Plača se po povzetju preko Pošte ko je prevoz potrjen. (+2,16€) Cene so za prevoz tja in nazaj. Potovanje na lastno odgovornost. Možnost plačila na obroke.

We're looking forward to coming to Groezrock for the 1st time!



Coaches from FRANCE (Nevers)

Start 1 : 01/05 - Nevers (22h30)
Start 2 : 02/02 - Orléans (1h30)
Arrival : Meerhout - Groezrock (9h00)

Start : 04/05 - Groezrock : 12h00
Orléans : 20h00
Nevers : 22h30

We're looking forward to coming to Groezrock for the 1st time!


And...there's a new kid in town: Pulse Events

Check : FACEBOOK for more info about Pulse Events.

Upcoming shows :


GROEZROCK 2012             FLYER

22/05/2014: State Champs, A loss for words, Roam, The Waiting Game


More cool stuff ?

Anyway, that's it for now but please keep an eye on 08/04/2014 and 20/04/2014 for some "very very very special" news. We're pretty sure everybody's going to like it.

Meanwhile make sure to buy your tickets now, you don't want to be the guy/girl standing at the festival entrance holding up a cardboard sign!

For more information:

Tickets :



We would be very happy if you keep spreading the GROEZROCK word around and post our flyer on as much as possible on facebook, twitter, personal websites, e-zines, .... with a link to our website

Our Flyer:

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Friday : 70 euro

Saturday : 80 euro

Combi : 110 euro

Camping : 15 euro (camping tickets are not sold separately)

Mobilhome : 50 euro (more info on our website)

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