Goober Patrol, well you’ve all heard the name by now. It’s been about 23 years and yet you still don’t go to their shows or buy their albums – not even the ones released by the awesome (say it like a yank teen!) US punk label Fat Wreck Chords. You probably went to the pub next door when they toured with Green Day, Nofx and The Offspring , and did your American friends write to you about their numerous US tours? No. Their bass player even forgot he was in the band and joined the Toy Dolls. Have you seen his coconuts?

7 Day Conspiracy are persistent. Let’s face it, 11 years playing punk rock, touring up and down the UK and Europe in a bloody Ford Fiesta, releasing three albums and two EPs for which the BPI pointedly refused to issue official Gold discs and they’re still not millionaires, they’re not even big in Japan – something had to give. So they discovered Calypso and added luscious 3 part harmonies to the insightful lyric “You’re A Fucking Cunt”. But they made it catchy as hell. It was that or cheese craft apparently.

Bomber Music has captured the essence of this overwhelming underachievement and a split album, one side for each band, will be released on April 1st 2014. That’s a Tuesday, not a Monday because really - do you seriously think we’re concerned about a chart position? The album is imaginatively called “Split” and the artwork is a garish shade of pumpkin orange, which will clash alarmingly with the green heavyweight Vinyl inside. There will be no CD.

We do not send out hard copies for review, only links to stream or download. Sorry.

“Goober Patrol will doubtless never achieve more than a fleeting mention when the early 90s punk guitar scene is assessed” All Music
Side A: Goober Patrol
That's The Point
Man Of The People
Jacob's Ladder
Side B: 7 Day Conspiracy
This Was A Town
The Mill
Berkshire Hunt

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