There have been hints at new Goldblade material for a few months now starting with the release of controversial video "We're All In It Together" and during their recent slew of live shows where they have been playing new sounds to unsuspecting audiences across the UK.

Today, it comes with real pleasure to announce that these UK punk legends have signed to Southern Records to release their brand new album which will be unleashed early in 2013. This marks their first release since 2008's Mutiny.

The album was recorded at the legendary Southern Studios, so it seemed natural that the label would be their new home. Goldblade front-man John Robb had this to say about the signing:
"At last we have a new album and a new home. There is something perfect about Goldblade being on Southern Records with it's great catalogue of punk rock with an intelligence and a meaning. We bought all those Crass and Rudimentary Peni Records, as well as the On U Sound System and Fugazi and just about every band that understood the punk rock spirit and carried the flag for underground music in the decades after the punk rock big bang. It was great to record the album at Southern studios with its long history of brilliant sounding records from Crass to Jesus And Mary Chain to Shellac and be part of that noisy culture that is the real soundtrack to independent culture and the real alternative music."

More specific album details are still be revealed in the coming weeks so stay tuned.
Meanwhile, there will be a clutch of dates before the year is out:

24th November - Fife punk festival
8th Dec - Birmingham Rebellion Christmas punk festival with Rancid and Cock Sparrer
10th Dec - London 100 Club with Vince Ray, The Fits
22nd Dec - Newport 200 Club

Full details can be found on the band's website:

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