A Message from the Godfathers...

It is my absolute pleasure to 100% confirm that The Godfathers (that's Peter Coyne, Chris Coyne, Mike Gibson, George Mazur & Del Bartle to you) are currently all writing new material for a brand new Godfathers album to be released SOMETIME in 2010. There have indeed been many distractions along the way since we reformed last year, but right now I'm tingling with excitement at the prospect of our creative sparks rubbing together and what we are going to come up with next!! I'd like to see us write at least 20-25 great numbers first & then select the absolute best 12-14 for single/album release next year. What `direction' or `shape' or `form' this new material will eventually take is down to us as individuals & as a group – but I'd personally want to hear plenty of freaky rock & roll music, ultra-melodic stuff that gets stuck in your brain & won't let go, something shockingly different to the majority of crap that masquerades as modern music these days…you know, The Godfathers - but NOW!

As far as I'm concerned we've already made a great start to our song-writing with a number of absolute crackers under our belts already (a couple of work-in-progress titles to share with you here, `Back Into The Future' & `Primitive Man') but of course at this very early stage of our endeavours it's hard to tell whether these may or may not appear on any eventual release – nothing's set in stone. That's just the tip of the iceberg coming your way, but all of us in the band have definitely got a lot of serious work to do on the composing/writing front this summer/autumn. Sure we love performing fantastic songs like `I Want Everything', `Birth School Work Death' & `Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues', but we want to be able to add those classic numbers & complement them with shit-hot new material as & when we see fit. We're The Godfathers, that's our right & I'm really looking forward to the adventure, the challenge & the tremendous buzz of it all.

Wish us well & trust in our taste!

Peter Coyne/The Godfathers

PS Don't forget The Godfathers are onstage at The Garage on Friday 24th July bang on at 8:40pm as there is a strict 10:00pm curfew – so come early!! See you all there at a red-hot & sticky Garage – we'll be playing a couple of classics we haven't tried previously!!

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