New Album “100%” Storms To No. 9 in the Midweek Album Charts

Made using the direct-to-fan platform PledgeMusic



Ginger Wildheart is celebrating the most successful chart position of his career this week, with his new album “100%”, which debuted in the UK midweek charts today at Number 5.

The album was made using the international direct-to-fan music company PledgeMusic and generated nearly £200,000 through pre-orders.

A 30 track triple album (entitled 555%) was initially available exclusively to pledgers to preorder as a digital download, a 3 CD set or deluxe triple gatefold package.  The fans then had the opportunity to vote for their favourite tracks, making up the single-disk commercial release, “100%” which was released on Monday 25th June on both physical and digital versions.

Other offerings available in the PledgeMusic campaign included a chance for fans to get themselves added to the albums liner notes and an exclusive DVD, which details the making of the record and inlcudes never-before-seen, on-the-road footage. 

Released on Monday the independent album has shocked the music industry by debuting at number 9 in the midweek charts.


The original campaign can be seen here  HYPERLINK ""


Ginger commented 

“This chart entry marks a historic change in the way that bands and artists can release music direct to their fans, afford quality production values and actually make a living too. For too many years labels have been using musicians as fodder for developing their own marketing techniques, usually at the expense of the players themselves. 

Musicians deserve to be paid like everyone else, and the only people who truly realise this, apart from the musicians themselves, are the fans. They want us to keep making music. This model means we all get to win. If you have a modest fan base you no longer have to consider quitting a business so obsessed with youth and photogenicity and get down to the task at hand, working hard, making great music and cultivating a great relationship with your supporters. The future of music is in the hands of the people and is finally the responsibility of the musicians. It's the most exciting time in decades, many musicians have earned this freedom. 

The music industry is dead, long live the music. 


Malcolm Dunbar, managing director of PledgeMusic said, “Ginger Wildheart is an artist who has always enjoyed a special relationship with his fans. They have demonstrated their continued loyalty to him by backing the campaign to the extent they have. 

“100% is a fantastic album and has real fan momentum behind it, which is a great endorsement of how PledgeMusic is able to empower artists.”

New Video:

Ginger Wildheart - Forget About It



The tracklisting for 100% (Released through Round Records) is as follows


1. Forget About It
2. Internal Radio
3. Lover It’ll all Work Out
4. You’re The One, You’re The One, Yeah, I Know You’re The One, You’re The One (Yeah, I Know You’re The One)
5. It Appears That The Party Is Over
6. Taste Aversion
7. Another Spinning Fucking Rainbow
8. Just Another Song About Someone
9. Westward Ho! (A New Reputation)
10. Beautifully, Blissfully Unsettled
11. We’ve Been Expecting You
12 Time

The album features artwork by  the legendary Terry Pastor (Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust)

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