BRITISH PUNK HEAVYWEIGHTS TOUR AUSTRALASIA IN OCTOBER  After years of speculation and on the back of their eleventh studio album, Perfume and Piss (Hellcat Records), groundbreaking English hardcore punk band GBH has announced plans to tour Australia and New Zealand in October 2010.  There isn't a self-respecting punk, hardcore kid or subcultural miscreant alive who hasn't seen the GBH logo emblazoned on the back of a leather jacket, a denim vest, or a torn-up t-shirt. And now, Australia and New Zealand will be slapped upside the head with a timely reminder as to exactly why GBH have been the heavyweight band of the UK punk scene for over 30 years.   Fans will look forward to a barn-burning, fist-pumping, palace-gates-storming live show by the band who re-defined the ŒUK82¹ punk sound with tracks like "Sick Boy" "City Baby Attacked by Rats" and "Time Bomb" (to name a few). The highly acclaimed new album carries the torch forward and introduces a new generation of fans to the band's trademark fury that is alternately nihilistic, optimistic, pessimistic, anarchist, violent, humorous and deadly serious all at once.   This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the legendary, mighty, GBH live in New Zealand and Australia. Tickets to all shows are strictly limited so get in quick.   7th OCTOBER, THE KINGS ARMS, AUCKLAND, R18  with Gripper and Sticky Filth   8th OCTOBER, SFBH, WELLINGTON, R18  with Sticky Filth and Black Lick   9th OCTOBER, AL¹S BAR, CHRISTCHURCH, R18  with Sticky Filth and Guests TBA    Tickets on sale August 2nd 2010 from: <> , Moshtix and Real Groovy Records  
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