A new video has been released as a taster for the forthcoming new Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project album.

The latest release features Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan covering 'Mother Of Earth', which originally appeared on The Gun Club's acclaimed 1982 second album Miami.

The track, which follows on from the June release of ‘On The Other Side’ sung by Nick Cave and Debbie Harry, also features musicians Suzie Stapleton, Gavin Jay from Jim Jones' All-Stars and James Johnston and Ian White from Gallon Drunk.

“This started off with me tinkering on piano in my home studio," says Stapleton, who also produced the track. "The lyrics are so beautiful and evocative and I wanted to see if I could take this song to a different place - a tricky endeavour when the original is so perfect. When I invited Dave to take part in the project he was working on the Soulsavers covers record Imposter and had been playing around with his own version of 'Mother of Earth', which they didn’t end up recording. So I showed him my version, and he agreed to take part. It was very serendipitous.”

'Mother Of Earth' and ‘On The Other Side’ both feature on the fourth Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project album, The Task Has Overwhelmed Us which is due out through Glitterhouse on 29 September and also features appearances from Mark Lanegan, Warren Ellis, Mick Harvey, Lydia Lunch, Cypress Grove, Mark Stewart, Jim Jones, Jim Jarmusch, Peter Hayes, The Coathangers, Duke Garwood and more.

The album follows on from We Are Only Riders (2009), The Journey Is Long (2012) and Axels and Sockets (2014).


Pic by David Arnoff

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