Fun Lovin¹ Criminals set to wreck London with No Fit State Circus, in true rock n roll fashion bringing you one awesome party to save our forests!   Live at the Coronet on 26th September 09 Times: 9pm - 7am   Fun Lovin¹ Criminals Asian Dub Foundation Citizen Fish NoFit State Circus  Tickets: £19 + BF Door Price: £25 <;query=schedule&amp;ve nue=coronet1&amp;month=2&amp;day=13&amp;year=109&amp;interface=coronet>  <;venaudit=Coronet&amp;fi ller1=see&amp;filler2=ven-srch&amp;filler3=&amp;orderby=date&amp;n%7Cartist= null>   For more press information, ticket bookings or to arrange a telephone interview with Huey from Fun Lovin¹ Criminals, don¹t hesitate to contact us on: <> Tel: 0207 701 1500  Rock Œn¹ Roll meets Circus..... Quite possibly one of the most entertaining clashes of genres to date and one to watch Œwith caution¹. This is the 10th anniversary of The Great Wreck Œn¹ Roll Circus and they are back to celebrate at the Coronet Theatre on the 26th of September 2009 with, Asian Dub Foundation Live, Fun Lovin¹ Criminals Live, Citizen Fish Live, NoFit State Circus plus many more. Not only is this a ridiculous line up for one night, this show has been put together to help raise awareness for the action group defence of ancient forests. So whilst you¹re feeling the rhythms and writhing in the mosh pit, you¹re also helping environment. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, (or not in this case).  Born out of the bones of a traveller circus the first Great Wreck Œn¹ Roll Circus was held in 1999 under London Bridge train station, since then the event has grown into a multi-political, multi-cultural and multi -genre event. No agenda or music style is un-touched, punk, rock, rap, jazz, swing, dub + many more along side contemporary free style circus acts and the plain bizarre. Gathering a crowd of 2600 from every corner of the UK and afar, the Coronet is to be turned into a some what magical experience that can only happen on special occasions, and what more special than this, The Great Wreck Œn¹ Roll Circus hits the big 1 0!   Main acts on the night Asian Dub Foundation the group developed through a community music project, burst onto the underground scene in 1998, being dubbed as one of the most exciting live bands to date.  A fusion of rap, jungle beats and dub baselines along side guitars and traditional Asian sounds mixed with strong anti- racism, self and community development messages.  Much to the group¹s surprise this fusion gained as much accreditation as the world¹s best punk bands. Touring with Primal Scream proved to be a turning point as audiences went wild and the performances grew to be electrifying. Recently released album ŒPunkara¹ has audience spectrums as wide as they can possibly go; it seems no one can resist the deep messages whilst the fusion of musical genres satisfies even the most difficult of listeners. Headlining the Great Wreck Œn¹ Roll Circus Asian Dub Foundation will truly test the Coronet¹s massive sound system. Let¹s just hope the roof is firmly in place, these boys would definitely blow it off! The Fun Lovin¹ Criminals are a band that musters great memories for all; no one needs to be reminded of the classic tracks like ŒScooby Snacks¹ or ŒBarry White¹. Yet again appealing to every possible musical taste, jazz, rock n roll, soul, blues and the hip hop cheekiness of lead singer Huey Morgan embodies everything about being cool. Tip your hat and make some room as the Fun Lovin¹ Criminals take to the main stage.   For a decade Citizen Fish has been touring the world: turning gatherings, benefits, and social gigs into an international never-ending weekend. These four dudes from the UK have created a blend of punk, ska, and straight up rock'n'roll that appeals to the sing-a-long music fans. But it's not so much the fact that these dudes are the most talented musicians in England, it's what they say and how they say it. In a fun loving, all inclusive way, Citizen Fish (and their previous outfits Culture Shock and the legendary Subhumans) have brought working class radical politics to generations of questioning minds. Leaving aside the typical screaming rants of boring political punk bands, the Fish offer a hopeful, danceable alternative. Joining the musical giants is NoFit State Circus. Welsh based circus company has broken the barrier, of contemporary circus performance far beyond even Cirque du Soleil, ³The future of British circusŠ.Š. Cirque du Soleil without the Disney and the disinfectantŠ.²  The Guardian Creating a world class performance that is also accessible and hugely entertaining to children and adults alike, the company has just amazed masses with their tour of ŒTabu¹ which featured at the Roundhouse in London. Aerial shows will sore above crowds and amazing acts will entertain at the Coronet, creating a multi sensory experience.   However The Great Wreck Œn¹ Roll Circus doesn¹t stop there, joining the mentioned in a night where anything is possible is:   ROOM 1 MAIN ARENA ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION LIVE FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS LIVE CITIZEN FISH LIVE DEAD SILENCE LIVE HEADJAM LIVE CROWZONE LIVE MORAL DILEMA LIVE MY TOYS LIKE ME LIVE   ....NoFit State Circus....  PLUS HARRY DIEZEL&IFFOR DUB TREV&KEV M.O.A.B  I.K.DELL YOGO CROW BEDLAM MEGA BITCH AVALINA K   ROOM 2 REKNAW STAGE INNER TERRESTRIALS LIVE AUTONOMADS LIVE DISORDER LIVE THE RESTARTS LIVE THE SKINTS LIVE DREAD MESSIAH LIVE LEFT FOR DEAD LIVE SHORT BUS WINDOW LICKERS LIVE  ROOM 3 SCRAP MIX STAGE DIRTY NOTES FLOWERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD THE AMIGOS RED ROOTS TRENCH CITY HOOLIGAN NIGHT   A S.ub C.ultural R.adikal A.rts P.roduction SCRAP.      This is an over 18's event, please bring ID   The Coronet Theatre 28 New Kent Road London SE1 6TJ <> 0207 701 1500 Tube NORTHERN LINE: Travelling North - Mon-Sat: First 05.42 Last 12.32 / Sun: First 07:21 Last 01.33 // Travelling South - Mon-Sat: First 06.05 Last 12.44/Sun: First 07:38 Last 11.53 .BAKERLOO LINE: Mon-Sat: First 05.37 Last 12.23 / Sun: First 07:16 Last 11.37 Bus 1, 12, 40, 45, 53, 68, 133, 171, 176, 188 Train The Elephant & Castle is connected by First Capital Connect / South-eastern trains - info line: 0800 123 4567                      
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