New York punk iconoclasts TELEVISION are to have their landmark debut album given the deluxe vinyl reissue treatment for the first time ever.
Released on Elektra Records in February 1977, Marquee Moon really moved the goalposts on the still juvenile punk rock pitch, with its complex song structures - including the 10-minute title track - and prog-like guitar interplay. For the linchpins of the nascent NYC punk scene coalescing around CBGB's, this was a real left-turn, underscoring the rulebook-shredding anything-is-possible ethos of the era; much talked about, yet still, in reality seldom seen.
This new deluxe double blue vinyl set, features the eight original tracks, plus five additional tracks originally released on the 2003 CD reissue, (some making their vinyl debut here), including alternate takes of ‘See No Evil’, ‘Friction’ and ‘Marquee Moon’, the full-length version of their classic non-album debut single ‘Little Johnny Jewel’, and an instrumental track.
The full tracklisting is...
Side one:
‘See No Evil’
‘Marquee Moon’
Side two:
‘Guiding Light’
‘Prove It’
‘Torn Curtain’
Side three:
‘Little Johnny Jewel’ (Parts 1 & 2)
‘See No Evil’ (Alternate Version)
‘Friction’ (Alternate Version)
Side four:
‘Marquee Moon’ (Alternate Version)
‘Untitled’ (Instrumental)
The deluxe vinyl Marquee Moon will be available through Rhino on 2 October.
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