Graffik Gallery presents ‘When you Hear the Music Trouble Disappear’ – Music Photography by Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas spent over 35 years working as a music photographer documenting Punk, Rock 'n' Roll, and Britpop history through his pictures. 
In a display of some the most illustrious photographs ever captured When you Hear the Music Trouble Disappear features several unseen images of some of music’s most acclaimed talent. 
The exhibition begins in the early seventies and displays behind-the-scenes portraits and the on-stage theatrics of the biggest stars in the music business with hit groups such as The Clash and The Who. As his career progressed, early portraits of singers such as Sid Vicious, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and Bob Marley were followed by those of bands such as Rolling Stones, Stone Roses and Oasis. 
From pure punk, through Rock 'n' Roll and the birth of Britpop, When you Hear the Music Trouble Disappear explores the dramatic developments of music and culture, and their lasting impact that continues to live in our memories today
The exhibition - at Graffik Gallery, 284 Portobello Road, London - runs from 20th July - 18th August.
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