Fields of the Nephilim can confirm that they will share the stage with The Mission at London's Brixton Academy on October 22nd 2011 with support from Gene Loves Jezebel.      This event represents a monumental coming together of two of the most influential bands of the dark music movement and will be a huge celebration of this powerful scene.  Carl McCoy made the following comment: >  > "It is well known that Fields of the Nephilim are very selective about where > and when we perform live.  There is always a greater significance underlying > our shows.  On this occasion we simply felt that the time had come to show > that there is unity  for all those who support the scene we are involved in. > This will be a unique gathering of forces and  a very memorable event. >     On another level I have a personal connection  with this area of London > and the venue in particular,  and I look forward to returning to Brixton > Academy"       Carl McCoy, creator and vocalist of Fields of the Nephilim, was influenced from a very young age by a Œdark culture¹, aiding his decision to pursue a career in art and music. He embraced the world of the occult and portrayed it through his own apocalyptic fusion of Victorian underworld meets Serge Leone Spaghetti Western. Fields of the Nephilim¹s emerging brand of aural delights were expressed in genre defining tracks such as ŒTrees Come Down¹, ŒPower¹, ŒPreacher Man¹ and ŒDawnrazor'.      The band continues to affirm their cult status with regular festival headline appearances around the World and sell-out shows in many major cities. Their legacy stretches back over 25 years with the band continuing to evolve their seminal sound and never failing to entrance those that bear witness to their ritual live shows.  Fields of the Nephilim Official Website <> 
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