TROOPS OF TOMORROW REISSUED in USA!  New Exploited reissue from Drastic Plastic Records!           How does a group follow up a celebrated and movement-changing debut record without simply creating a record similar to the first?  Easy, if you’re The Exploited.  You simply move the music forward. Again. After their seminal debut, Punk’s Not Dead (also available fromDrastic Plastic Records), The Exploited bring punk rock music closer to what would become speed metal and crossover-music with Troops of Tomorrow. Features           • Seminal Oi!/British hardcore title • Faithful, updated reproduction of 1982 release • Limited edition of 1000 collectible opaque concrete-gray vinyl copies Track List           A1         Jimmy Boyle A2         Daily News A3         Disorder A4         Alternative A5         USA A6         Rapist A7         Troops of Tomorrow  B1         UK 82 B2         Sid Vicious Was Innocent B3         War B4         They Won’t Stop B5         So Tragic B6         Germs To Order           To order this and more vinyl from our catalog, visit our site, or contact us below!  IMPACT MERCHANDISING 2451 St. Mary’s Avenue Omaha, NE 68105 Phone: 800-435-0349 Fax: 866-257-3318 email: info@drasticplasticrecords.com 
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