SHOUT!  FACTORY ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF  THE ENGLISH BEAT¹S ENTIRE CATALOG  INCLUDING PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS   NEW  BOX SET TITLED THE COMPLETE BEAT  IN STORES JULY 10 ALONGSIDE NEW COMPILATION  KEEP THE BEAT: THE VERY BEST OF THE ENGLISH BEAT   THE  ENGLISH BEAT ON TOUR NOW   PERFORMED  APRIL 13 AT 2012  ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME CEREMONY                         <https://www.yousendit.com/download/M3BsSmI4NDJJMHRjR01UQw>     The English Beat  Photo Credit: Adrian Boot  Click for Hi-Res       Shout!  Factory has announced a reissue campaign of The  English Beat catalog, beginning with a July 10  release of a new single-disc compilation titled Keep  The Beat: The Very Best Of The English Beat, which  is accompanied by a new introduction written by Rhoda Dakar  of The Bodysnatchers, and a new box set  titled The English Beat: The Complete Beat.  The 5-CD Complete Beat box set features all 3 studio albums  with bonus tracks, remastered from the original tapes; 2 discs of  bonus material most of which is previously unreleased on CD‹  three sessions recorded with the legendary John Peel for  his show on BBC Radio 1, tracks from a  live show recorded at Boston¹s Opera House, and 12²  and dub versions of some of the band¹s biggest singles ‹and  a booklet with rare photos and an essay by music scholar Alex  Ogg. Both releases have been produced in collaboration with the band.    Fans buying  the box set on Shout! Factory¹s website will also receive  a bonus ­ the first ever release of The English  Beat: Live At The US Festival, in a 2-disc CD/DVD  set, part of Shout! Factory¹s new line of US Festival releases.  Pre-order at http://www.shoutfactorystore.com/prod.aspx?pfid=5257717.    The Beat was  formed in 1978 by Dave Wakeling (vocals, guitar)  and Andy Cox (guitar). Band members Ranking  Roger (vocals), David Steele (bass), Everett Morton (drums), and Lionel  Augustus Martin a/k/a Saxa (saxophone), would then each find their way to the lineup via their own unique  path. ³People just appeared as required. It had a kind of  kismet feel,² says Wakeling.       <https://www.yousendit.com/download/M3BsSmI4Q1AwVWxEZU1UQw>  The Complete Beat artwork  Click for Hi-Res   <https://www.yousendit.com/download/M3BsSmI4Q1BVVGs4RmNUQw>  Keep  The Beat artwork  Click for Hi-Res        The Beat got  their start in Birmingham amidst a burgeoning punk scene, developing  a new sound at the same time that The Specials,  and Jerry Dammers¹ Chrysalis-backed subsidiary, 2  Tone, rose to fame. After releasing their version of ³Tears  of a Clown,² the band broke straight into the Top 10. Within 6 months of playing their first gig, The Beat was on  top of the charts and performing the first of many performances  on Top Of The Pops.    The Beat released   I Just Can¹t Stop It in 1980, featuring  the singles ³Hands Off . . . She¹s Mine,²  ³Mirror In The Bathroom,² ³Too Nice To Talk To,²  and ³Best Friend,² which was accompanied  by their rebuttal of Thatcherism, ³Stand Down Margaret.²  Their next release, Wha¹ppen?, expanded their sound with calypso and also shades of Mediterranean rhythms,  samba and world beat ‹ as well as a deeper exploration of  reggae, too, beyond frenetic ska. By the time Special  Beat Service was released in 1982, the band¹s  popularity had grown significantly in the U.S., where they called themselves The English Beat to avoid confusion  with Paul Collins¹ group. Special Beat Service featured  the songs ³Jeannette,² the astute ³I Confess,² and ³Save It For Later,²  which would go on to be covered by Pete Townshend and  Pearl Jam.      THE  ENGLISH BEAT  on Tour       Apr 16 Wooly¹s Des Moines, IA  Apr 17 The Waiting Room Omaha, NE  Apr 19 ACM @ UCO Rocks Bricktown Oklahoma City, OK  Apr 21 Blueberry Hill St. Louis, MO  Apr 22 Skully¹s Columbus, OH  *w/  Squeeze  Apr 23 Bergen County Performing Arts Center * Englewood, NJ  Apr 25 Count Basie Theatre* Red Bank, NJ  Apr 26 Carnegie Hall of Homestead* Munhall, PA  Apr 27 Rams Head Tavern* Baltimore, MD  Apr 28 Roseland Ballroom* New York, NY  Apr 29 Cat's Cradle * Carrboro, NC  May 04 Saint Rocke Hermosa Beach, CA  May 05 Mozambique Restaurant Laguna Beach, CA  May 10 Dixon May Fair Dixon, CA  May 11 The Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA  May 18 Avalon Ballroom Santa Clara, CA  May 26 Downtown LV Outdoor Festival Las Vegas, NV  May 31 The Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA  Jun 22 Motorcity Casino Hotel Detroit, MI  Jul 04 Palisades Charter High School Pacific Palisades, CA  Jul 15 Bay State Cruise * Boston, MA  Jul 19 Bottle & Cork * Dewey Beach, DE  Jul 20 Stephen Talkhouse Amagansett, NY  Jul 27 Monte De Oro Winery Temecula, CA  Soon after,  however, the band began to dissipate, splitting up to form General  Public and Fine Young Cannibals, with  Ranking Roger and Wakeling going on to release solo albums. The  latter¹s adventures with Miles Copeland¹s IRS Records  resulted in him relocating to America. That prefaced the slightly  unusual but largely amicable situation whereby various reformations  of The Beat have been spearheaded by Ranking Roger in Britain and  Wakeling in America.    Ogg writes in  The Complete Beat essay, ³while The Beat¹s  original lineup played together for four short years, their brief  but memorable existence yielded three increasingly experimental  albums that continue to reward repeat visits, five of the finest  hit singles of the era and, often forgotten in the ledgers of great  bands, hundreds of intoxicating live shows. They were a core part  of the still-influential 2 Tone movement, but beyond that, they  were intrinsically a wonderfully gifted songwriting unit, drawing  on a serendipitously assembled cast of contributors who found themselves  able, through either skill or simple instinct, to fluently combine  reggae and pop traditions without compromising either. This box set incorporates practically their entire recorded output, and the  absolute dearth of chaff is a small and lovely miracle.²    The English  Beat are currently on tour and appeared at The 27th  Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony  on April 13th, performing their hits ³Save It For Later,²  ³Mirror In The Bathroom,² ³Tears Of A Clown²  and ³Tenderness.² For more information on tour dates,  please visit http://www.myspace.com/officialbeatspace    Shout! Factory  is a diversified entertainment company devoted to producing, uncovering  and revitalizing the very best of pop culture. Founders Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos have spent their careers sharing  their music, television and film favorites with discerning consumers  the world over. Shout! Factory¹s DVD offerings serve up classic,  contemporary and cult TV series, riveting sports programs, live  music, animation and documentaries in lavish packages crammed with  extras. The company¹s audio catalogue boasts GRAMMY®-nominated  boxed sets, new releases from storied artists, lovingly assembled  album reissues and indispensable ³best of² compilations.  These riches are the result of a creative acquisitions mandate that  has established the company as a hotbed of cultural preservation  and commercial reinvention. With its fingers on the pulse of pop  culture, Shout! Factory continues to impact the entertainment media landscape through acquisition of top quality programming for home entertainment releases. Shout! Factory is based in Santa Monica, California. For more on Shout! Factory, visit www.shoutfactory.com <http://www.shoutfactory.com> .          TRACK  LISTINGS       Keep  The Beat: The Very Best Of The English Beat Track  Listing  1. Mirror In The Bathroom  2. Doors Of Your Heart  3. Save It For Later  4. Twist & Crawl  5. The Tears Of A Clown  6. Best Friend  7. I Confess  8. Ranking Full Stop  9. Whine & Grine/Stand Down Margaret  10. Get-A-Job  11. Jeanette  12. Too Nice To Talk To  13. Can¹t Get Used To Losing You  14. Sole Salvation  15. Hands Off . . . She¹s Mine  16. End Of The Party  The  English Beat ­ The Complete Beat 5-CD Set Track Listing  Disc 1: I Just Can¹t Stop It (1980)  1. Mirror In The Bathroom  2. Hands Off . . . She¹s Mine  3. Two Swords  4. Twist & Crawl  5. Tears Of A Clown*  6. Rough Rider  7. Click Click  8. Ranking Full Stop*  9. Big Shot  10. Whine & Grine/Stand Down Margaret  11. Noise In This World  12. Can¹t Get Used To Losing You  13. Best Friend  14. Jackpot  *Not on original U.K. release Disc  2: Wha¹ppen? (1981)  1. Too Nice To Talk To*  2. Doors Of Your Heart  3. All Out To Get You  4. Monkey Murders  5. I Am Your Flag  6. French Toast (Soleil Trop Chaud)  7. Drowning  8. Dream Home In NZ  9. Walk Away  10. Over And Over  11. Cheated  12. Get-A-Job  13. The Limits We Set  14. Psychedelic Rockers**  15. Hit It**  16. Which Side Of The Bed?**  *Not on original U.K. or U.S. release  **Bonus Tracks     Disc  3: Special Beat Service (1982)  1. I Confess  2. Jeannette  3. Sorry  4. Sole Salvation  5. Spar Wid Me  6. Rotating Head  7. Save It For Later  8. She¹s Going  9. Pato And Roger A Go Talk  10. Sugar & Stress  11. End Of The Party  12. Ackee 1 2 3  13. What¹s Your Best Thing**  14. March Of The Swivel Heads**  15. Cool Entertainer**  16. A Go Talk (Tappy Luppy Dub)**  **Bonus Tracks BONUS  BEAT  Disc 4 ­ 12" & Dub Versions  1. Hands Off . . . She¹s Mine (Extended)  2. Twist & Crawl (Extended)  3. Stand Down Margaret (Dub)  4. Too Nice To Talk To (Dubweiser)  5. Psychedelic Rockers (Dubweiser)  6. Doors Of Your Heart (Extended)  7. Drowning (Dub)  8. Hit It (Extended)  9. Which Side Of The Bed? (Extended)  10. Save It For Later (Extended)  11. What¹s Your Best Thing (Dub)  12. Cool Entertainer (Extended)  13. Jeanette (Extended)  14. March Of The Swivel Heads (Extended)  15. I Confess (Dave Allen Remix) Disc  5 ­ Peel Sessions & Live In Boston  Peel Session ­ November 5, 1979  1. Tears Of A Clown  2. Ranking Full Stop  3. Click Click  4. Mirror In The Bathroom  5. Big Shot  Peel Session ­ September 22, 1980  6. Too Nice To Talk To  7. Psychedelic Rockers  8. Monkey Murders  9. Walk Away  Peel Session ­ March 29, 1982  10. Spar Wid Me  11. To The End Of The Party  12. She¹s Going   13. Save It For Later  14. Sole Salvation  15. Pato And Roger A Go Talk  Opera House ­ November 19, 1982  16. Best Friend  17. Tears Of A Clown  18. Twist & Crawl  19. Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret       www.myspace.com/officialbeatspace  www.twitter.com/EnglishBeatFans  www.facebook.com/EnglishBeatFans    
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