BBC SESSIONS & CONCERTS   - PUNK, POST-PUNK & 2-TONE  -   Release Dates: September ­ December 2009   EMI are very proud to announce a new partnership with the BBC, which enables us to help make available digitally for the first time some of are most distinguished artists¹ BBC Sessions and Concerts, many of which are previously unreleased.   Covering the musically fertile period of 1977 ­ ¹81 - after Punk wiped the slate clean with its year zero ­ these BBC Sessions include many era-defining and esteemed artists, such as: Public Image Limited, The Skids, The Stranglers, Rich Kids and The Selector. Many of these sessions were recorded at the BBC¹s famous Maida Vale Studios, with the majority for John Peel¹s invaluable and hugely influential radio show (please see below for further details).   The majority of these releases are previously unreleased in any format, being made available for the first time for fans to purchase online. Previously unreleased sessions come from the likes of Gang Of Four, Dexy¹s Midnight Runners, The Skids, Rich Kids and 999, as well as concerts from The Specials and The Selector.   This is a unique project between EMI and the BBC, making available material that both parties commonly control, from the BBC archives.   There will also be a number of albums made available digitally too: a number of Angelic Upstarts LPs, Rich Kids, Oi! ­ The Album, and the Zonophone Punk Singles, some of which will include new bonus material. For more information, please contact Scott.steele@emimusic.com / 020 7752 5557.   More BBC/EMI releases in the new year, including a number of Prog releases from the likes of the Harvest label.     14th September 2009 releases   BBC Sessions digital EPs:   The Stranglers ­ 1st John Peel session, 1st March 1977 Released by Castle in 1995   Rich Kids ­ 1st John Peel session, 31st October 1977 Previously Unreleased   Rich Kids ­ 2nd John Peel session, 20th March 1978 Previously Unreleased   The Skids ­ 1st John Peel session, 16th May 1978 Previously Unreleased   999 ­ Only John Peel session, 25th October 1978 Previously Unreleased       9th November 2009 releases   BBC sessions digital EPs:   The Skids ­ 2nd John Peel session, 29th August 1978 Previously Unreleased   Gang Of Four ­ 2nd John Peel session, 2nd July 1979 Previously Unreleased   Public Image Limited ­ Only John Peel session, 10th December 1979   Angelic Upstarts ­ 2nd John Peel session, 17th September 1980   Angelic Upstarts ­ 3rd John Peel session, 23rd June 1981       7th December 2009 releases   BBC In Concerts:   The Specials ­ BBC In Concert 15th December 1979 Previously Unreleased   The Selecter - BBC In Concert 15th December 1979 Parts Previously Unreleased   Ultravox  - BBC In Concert 14th January 1981     BBC sessions digital E.P.'s:   The Selecter ­ 1st John Peel session, 9th October 1979   Dexy's Midnight Runners ­ Only John Peel session, 26th February 1980 Previously Unreleased   Dexy's Midnight Runners - Kid Jensen session 1980 3 Tracks Previously Unreleased      
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