UK post-hardcore types PREDECEASED have a new video which they're premiering with Vive Le Rock!

'A Song For Doom' is a tribute to hip-hop iconoclast Daniel Dumile alias MF DOOM and is taken from the trio's debut album What Do You Do?, which is out through eeasy records. The band put the video together themselves with help from Ben Garnett and Manchester's Dead Basic Studios.

"I could speak for hours on how I think rap and hip-hop is more punk than a lot of what’s getting called ‘punk’, from the DIY mixtape release ethos to shooting their own videos to producing their own music" say the band. "I think the approach of MCs and beatmakers tread a lot of the same common ground as your Mackayes and Fat Mikes so I always have been bugged out that a lot of people on the ‘guitar music’ scene (ewwww) wrote off a lot of good music because they thought all hip hop was just 'people talking over a stolen sample'.

"Here’s a compact banger about how three boys into punk and hardcore loved and adored DOOM’S music and felt the loss in a big way too. It’s a celebration of his legacy and how his music continues to inspire and influence all kinds of creatives across the globe and probably the universe."


What Do You Do? is available here.


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