A new era is dawning for DEVO, comrades…and with it comes a fresh start for all of us.

As you probably know, DEVO has been working on a brand new album - their first in nearly two decades.
This means DEVO will soon be performing many live shows across the USA in 2009, and then worldwide in 2010. Tour dates will be announced soon.

We here at Devo, Inc. have been extremely busy preparing for this new era, working on a new online presence, new costuming for the band’s upcoming concerts, new merchandise designs, new fan club offers, etc.

For many years now, I have been serving DEVO in a number of ways – from creating DEVO’s web sites and providing content, and designing merchandise, to managing their ever-growing  fan club. It’s been quite a lot to manage on my own, and I’ve been very fortunate to receive assistance along the way from many DEVOted fans (to whom I am forever grateful).

This new era of DEVO’s long career will bring with it a new batch of responsibilities for yours truly. Not only will I continue to work closely with the band on Web content, graphic design, etc., I will also be working with a team of comrades at DEVO’s new record label, who will be handling a lot of the technical work of Web site construction and maintenance. This will enable me to focus more on creating interesting content for the Web sites, including daily blogs & inside reports from DEVO events worldwide. The site will eventually be chocked full of video & audio content, plus blogs from me and the members of DEVO on a weekly if not daily basis.

In the coming days, you’ll notice some big changes at We’ll be launching a brand new site – stripped down to the bare essentials for late 2009…introducing the world to DEVO’s new album, videos, etc. The full DEVO site will be reborn in 2010 with the gradual introduction of tons of content, old & new. The new online store will feature old favorites at first, and a selection of brand new items by late 2009/early 2010. The fan club is being completely restructured, and current Club DEVO registered members will retain their lifetime member status, with access to new fan club content.

The very popular Chosen Mutations and Signs Of DEVOtion online image galleries have been moved from to You can still send me your images for those pages, but it may take me a while to add them, since I’ve got a huge backlog of images to add already. Thanks to all of you who have submitted images in the past. The DEVO MySpace page will soon have a facelift, too….but I’m not sure exactly when. will soon feature a full report from the recent Hardcore DEVOtional 2009 Fan Gathering in Cleveland, Ohio. If you have any photos or video from the event, please consider sending to me via email or on disc to this address: Club DEVO, 702 Tyler Rd., Raleigh, NC 27604. I will be sure to credit you for anything I use in the report.

Now…onward, Spuds!
It’s going to be an exciting time for DEVOtees in the coming months…


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