Relive Devo History: Stream Classic 1978 Show

devoBetween the current round of shows dedicated to their early albums and the deluxe reissue of those albums, it’s hard not to have a little bit of Devo fever these days. So if you’ve been bitten by that particular bug, and you find yourself seized by the uncontrollable urge to don a crimson upside-down-flowerpot chapeau, rant elliptically about “spuds” and “devolution,” and leap like a crazed kangaroo to the pioneering, herky-jerky new wave sound of tunes like “Mongoloid,” “Come Back Jonee,” and “Jocko Homo,” here’s a new development on the Devo front that’ll make you jump for joy.

In conjunction with the aforementioned reissue/concert activity, you can now stream a Devo show recorded in Bristol, England in 1978 (they probably would have gotten their butts kicked in Bristol, TN back then), directly from the band’s own MySpace page. You’ll hear Mark, Gerry, and the boys when they were young and full of fire, pounding out tunes like the ones mentioned above, as well as lots more early Devo gems. It’s also interesting to journey back to this early period of the band’s development and remember just how guitar-oriented they were at the time. If you squint real hard and put paper cups over your ears, you might almost think you’re listening to Wire or something.Whaddaya think, is there an official release of this show in the works? Hmmm….

Track list:

1.      Wiggly World
2.      Pink Pussycat
3.      Satisfaction
4.      Too Much Paranoias
5.      Praying Hands
6.      Uncontrollable Urge
7.      Mongoloid
8.      Jocko Homo
9.      Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
10.     Sloppy
11.     Come Back Jonee
12.     Gut Feeling
13.     DEVO Corporate Anthem
14.     Red Eye Express
15.     Words Get Stuck

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