The DeRellas "STICK IT TO THE MAN TOUR" new single out in Mach                                                     Thursday 15th March - DNA Cafe, Brussels, BELGIUM Friday 16th March - Hauptquartier, Aachen, GERMANY Saturday 17th March - Schäferei, Schaffhausen, SWITZERLAND Sunday 18th March - Les Passagers du Zinc, Besançon, France Monday 19th March - Thunderbird Lounge, St Etienne, FRANCE Tuesday 20th March -  United Club, Torino, ITALY (with the FLESHTONES) Wednesday 21st March - Titty Twister, Villadossola, ITALY Thursday 22nd March - to be confirmed, ITALY Friday 23rd March - to be confirmed, ITALY Saturday 24th March - Shack Club, Codroipo, Udine, ITALY Friday 30th March - Nambucca, London UK                                                                  
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