DEAD KENNEDYS frontman Jeff Penalty has become the third vocalist to leave the band, following Jeffo Biafra and Brandon Cruz. Penalty explained,

"I thought about quitting numerous times over the past year, but I officially did so on Thanksgiving when I found out that the band had been recruiting a new singer behind my back and had even played a secret show with one at a bar in my neighbourhood."

"My sincere thanks and apologies, go out to the fans that supported my participation in the band. And Jello, you've been wrong about a lot of stuff, but you were certainly right about not trusting those guys..."

Ron 'Skip' Greer, former singer of East Bay pop punks The Wynona Riders, has joined the Dead Kennedys as touring vocalist.

The Dead Kennedys have also announced a London date at the Camden Electric Ballroom on Wednesday 28th May.


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