Aussie rock vets DATURA4 have a new album coming out and they're sharing a track exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

'Run With Lucy' is taken from the Western Australian rockers' third album Blessed Is The Boogie, which is due out through Alive Naturalsound on 5 April.

Datura4 are lead by Fremantle native Dom Mariani, who's been a linchpin of Aussie underground rock for the past 40 years with bands like The Go-Starts, The Stems, The Someloves, DM3 and The DomNicks (with former Cortinas and Clash guitarist Nick Shepard). Usually to be found trading in Beatley powerpop and Nuggets-era psych, with Datura4 Dom and his colleagues Stu Loasby, Warren Hall and Bob Patient scratch their heavy blues-rock and footstomping boogie itch.

"'Run With Lucy' (Lucifer) is an ode on the Cult of Personality," Dom explains. "Living in uncertain times while our world leaders push agendas that create an unstable world to make us all feel uneasy about the future of this planet. History repeating? And so we bagged ‘em up into some glam-boogie-stomp 'cos that's the way we like it.”

There's a limited edition Blessed Is The Boogie pre-order bundle available here.

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