Hello folks,   a few goodies for you this week including limited edition Billy Childish vinyl from Smart Guy Records and Aquarium Records, pre-order details for Cyanide Pills forthcoming album & single, coloured vinyl from the Cute Lepers, along with some "back in stock" items from Graham Day And The Gaolers and Fabienne Delsol. Mouth watering you might say! As usual click on the cover art to go to the relevant section of our online shop.  Billy Childish & The MBE's - Daddy Rolling Stone 12"   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/dept/~billy-childish-s/>  First up is this lovely 12" single released by Smart Guy Records of San Francisco. A limited edition of 1000, black vinyl, comes in a full colour gatefold sleeve with insert.  Side A ŒDaddy Rolling Stone¹ ŒChatham Rocks¹ Side B ŒShe Hates Me So Much¹ ŒA Song No One Wants To Hear¹  Thee Headcoats - Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand 10" (VERY LIMITED!)   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/dept/~billy-childish-s/>   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/dept/~billy-childish-s/>  This we have in very limited quantity so get in quick! It's a 2 Track 10² features ŒMesserschmitt pilot's severed hand¹ and ŒWhere Are The Children That Hitler Kissed¹ on one side and an engraving by Billy on the b-side.  Numbered limited edition.  Pre-order Cyanide Pills album & single  Not due out until July 5th, the debut album from  Cyanide Pills will on CD and LP, you can pre-order now along with "Conquer The World", the band's 3rd single taken from the album. The single wil be on coloured vinyl though we've not decided what colour as yet. Click on the pics to pre-order.   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/cyanide-pills/>   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/cyanide-pills/>  After their first two 7² singles last year the CYANIDE PILLS are ready to launch their loud & snotty debut albumŠ Exploding out of the speakers this 19 track album is bursting with some of the best Pop-punk tunes we¹ve heard in years. Think of The Boys, The Briefs, Dickies and you¹ll get it.  The Cyanide Pills are from Leeds, UK and have been playing around for a few years, this is pure, very British punk rock with a great pop sensibility, they are heading out with the Cute Lepers in May and the will be doing a full tour later in the year.  This is from SugarBuzz MagazineŠ  I love the Cyanide Pill's tinny, spontaneous, cheap-sounding, production value, too. It sounds raw, and real...Americans tend to Pro-Tool the life outta everything, nowadays. They polish it 'til it becomes a product, loses all it's charm, and truthfulness. The 'Pills aren't merely eager young puppets, being master-minded by some grey haired old fart producer. I'm glad they ain't got nobody editing out all the raggedy, heart-felt bits! Man, the CYANIDE PILLS are fucking great! They're fun, boppy, now. Truly, the nazz. Bubblegum lyrics about politics and teenage alienation. They look terrific. You're sure to dig 'em. if you like real rock'n'roll. Seek them out, NOW.  Cute Lepers tri-colour debut LP + new single  Out this week from The Cute Lepers to coincide with their tour we have the single "Smart Accessories", taken from the album of the same name it features an exclusive version of the Beatles "You're Gonna Lose That Girl on the B-side. On a choice of red, white or clear vinyl. There's also a bumdle pack of all 3 colours. Lovely!   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/the-cute-lepers/>  Also out this week is this great tri-colour vinyl re-issue of their debut LP "Can't Stand Modern Music". Limited quantities and when it's gone it's gone! A very nice item indeed.   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/buy/cant-stand-modern-music-multicol/>  Currently ripping it up across europe here's the rest of their tour dates -  21 May  Nags Head Bar High Wycombe, GB 22 May  SILBER HAMBURG, DE 23 May  Mau Club Rostock, DE 24 May  Treue Bremen, DE 25 May  Archiv Potsdam, DE 26 May  Epplehaus Tübingen, DE 27 May  Irreal Aulendorf, DE 28 May  Kofmehl Club Solothurn, CH 29 May  RIVOLTA w¹ THE BOYS, COCKSPARRER VENICE, IT 30 May  Terrazza Live Ospitaletto, IT 31 May  Lazzaretto Bologna, IT 1 Jun  Piazza del Bastione - TBA Festival La Spezia, IT 2 Jun  TBA Vicenza, IT 3 Jun  Kset Zagreb, CT 4 Jun  To Be Punk Festival Novi Sad, RS 5 Jun  ? Eisenerz, AT 6 Jun  Music House Graz, AT  Graham Day - Travelled & Unravelled EP (White vinyl!)  This 4-track ep has long been out of print but in demand. We had a few spare sleeves left so we've decided to re-press a limited run. This time it's on white vinyl. Very nice!   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/graham-day-and-the-gaolers/>  Fabienne Delsol - No Time For Sorrows (CD/LP)  Now back in stock on LP and CD is "No Time For Sorrows", the debut album from Fabienne Delsol originally released in 2004. A great album, if you missed out first time round grab yourself a copy now.  Fabienne's 3rd solo album "On My Mind" will be out later in the year   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/fabiennedelsol/>  Enjoy the sunshine!  Ian & Duncan www.DAMAGEDGOODS.co.uk <http://damagedgoods.co.uk>  
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