This year's Damaged Goods Christmas spectacular at the very lovely 100 Club.  For £8 you get 4 bands and a 7² single, it must be Christmas!    So there¹s Betty And The Werewolves, whose debut album ŒTeatime Favourites¹ was out in the summer, Thee Spivs currently getting loads of press coverage for their debut album which is out on the 15th November, also on DG, plus our good mates ŒTender Trap¹ who are on Fortuna Pop but we really like them so why not, and special guests who all I can tell you is that they are a band and they make a lot of noise, more than that we¹d have to kill you.  So get there early, doors will be at 7pm and first band on at 7.45pm, the order will be sorted out on the night by the toss of a coin or a game of dominos.  The free 7² will be for everyone who buys a ticket and will feature a track from each band.  You can buy tickets online here <http://www.wegottickets.com/event/98469>   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/betty-and-the-werewolves/> <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/thee-spivs/>  See you there!  
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