London post-punks DEALING WITH DAMAGE have unveiled another new video from their new album.

'Rinse Repeat Rinse' is the second single to be taken from the quartet's second album Use The Daylight, which is out today through Little Rocket Records.

Comprising members of Sink, Done Lying Down, K-Line and Jerry Built, among others, the band wrote and recorded the follow-up to 2020's Ask the Questions over the course of a year during Covid generated downtime.

Recorded at No Recording Studios in Essex with John Hannon and Perry Vale in South London, the band threw open their address books to invite a number of special guests to participate, including Steve Cox (Transmaniacon’s North London keyboard legend), Carol Hodge (solo artist and Steve Ignorant co-conspirator), Savak (the Brooklyn-based post punk hit factory), Yootha Today (the UK’s angriest female punk street theatre collective), Dinosaur Skull (electro beatbox punks from deepest South London), Kent Nielsen (Germany-based Danish protest singer) and John Hannon (the much-missed, avant garde, sound sculptor from Southend).


Use The Daylight is available to order here.

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Pic by Alexis Fleisig

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