It appears the report of Chuck Biscuits being dead was a cruel hoax-

"Nick Patch of The Canadian Press reports: The founder of Vancouver punk group D.O.A. says that his former drummer, Chuck Biscuits, is alive and well and Internet reports of his death are part of a "cruel hoax."

Joe Keithley told The Canadian Press on Friday that the drummer's brother contacted him and confirmed that Biscuits is indeed alive.

"He's well and alive, so that's good news," Keithley said on the line from his Vancouver office.

Several major news outlets in Canada, the United States and Britain reported Thursday that Biscuits had died of throat cancer.

The reports seem to have originated from a single blog post written by New York freelance writer James Greene Jr., who has since claimed that he was duped by an anonymous emailer.

"I'm sorry I unknowingly spread this horrible lie," Greene blogged Friday. "I apologize to the world, Chuck's family, Chuck's friends, and especially Chuck."

Biscuits was the original drummer for metal band DANZIG, and also performed with L.A. hardcore innovators BLACK FLAG and SOCIAL DISTORTION."

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