OK rockers, lots happening now. I'm awake after sleeping off August, and here's what we got. First off, The Cheetah Chrome bio, "A Dead Boy's Tale" is in stock, our copies are autographed. I have just 100 copies, so this won't last. Here is the no-holds-barred autobiography of Cheetah Chrome, lead guitarist of Rocket From The Tombs, Batusis, and the Dead Boys, one of the greatest punk bands ever. It's a tale of success and excess--amazing music, legendary antics, epic drug use, and eventual resurrection--that only a true rock and roller could deliver. Get you autographed copy here (click on the image!):   < NFqsctJis1LKToH3ywEkGZEfn7WpkJv4ZgrCn1dukpgsFrW_cE6FpgZHpoj15XCZMPodMfC0ciG_ DJHEMX0PIupx4RPmX0VWT5rmd6NRIwNcrTaR4du77Mg0C0RQh6A5r9fXjfZvhpa4ycMezXoriXjn nuATzkxQaopfcbTJixi4j1P1i15-P>  Along with that, we have out now the new Butcher Boys 7" with guest guitar from Cheetah himself. The Butcher Boys are the new band formed by Mark Vocca of  < FqscuDfJbJUysBP_HKsPUNOE7VLHK0qdoOv771NokINsc4RNCKgCaCLavjvwgBWA1DXfULhEAgxR dB8oSxzFGKMwqwp3FgbWO_bd4=>  fame. They've been ripping it up on the east coast with their Irish influenced punk rock, and this debut 7-inch on green wax is strictly limited to 1000 copies with a free download code. The pay-for download on iTunes and everywhere else has extra tracks! Check it out (click on the image!):   < NFqsctQqUnH6FHQuPQoyl_y66fVLJ9OU0qetecef0LSKqmWJyvWr-se7kmgJRMAGOtlkhhiFTQnW -BTYgjNvdPHmIReOg5knrD1ySCisshy1AnT_oNeAWZwHS5vhqvLJrPoU85-60NRMG1k1FsH_-BGu fe5NI1j1_jxcW18F2AgLO0yrrMnBS>  We also have live this month a set of exclusive digital download releases from our friends Estel. The amazing improv/prog/stoner/free jazz powerhouse known as Estel have played live in Europe and their press cuttings span the globe. Comparisons have been made likening their sound to Goblin, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. You'll dig these for sure. 3 releases now, 1 more next month. Click on the images for more details:   < NFqscu_3GIbHd2z967vS6XaGLZ57irMB2AB_gC1AreZPmBWA-QLb-HNfg7lYnUYCcrjau6lAKFSL yu2350HB9J53ZAdyz6VdLmDSd6MC0jYu4dBRUnnMgp457jliP0eHuR9LAaPPaGhrzou1TNgR56aJ lQPCaWB8ZHtqKO5p8Y1OAnYYfGIg3> < Fqscs6onK76ACuzY8MsU8Tmqr-qocqgWfkX5Wmi29AvDUs_GOwumWOQMeD3-9laYMPj6vuL25em4 Qt7xtp8T8EQhbwGPHVTf6b43tt7YLaarOgyHTaWHVpn0LNKtV0vFp3oo2tPlWZA3ls_tOGjOmvhF spWGPhvuleVucK6AptTCIi-UtzO6> < FqscvkLh1bq_z48CoJ0b3ZamhSVHgnpJ1yfBC_n7m5KhdgvXJnq9405-OV8H4fjD7ex9FDWMjLKv dKoMdTMdwlSwJ8nqy2r7XJYeJzi_6PRs5USSIBWQYHeeBe3ey1zgyR3GNd2_ZkeoK2sO1hZtmuil nnMfBXUb-jorhdRkEH4RFGtxA4MW>  We just found a few last Rubber City Rebels "Akron Years" CDs. Once these are gone, there will be no more. I have less than 5 left. Get it here (click on the image):   < NFqscsMnWQHNn3mucEqpHDG0G3Hvb7p1IXrfeYRWs_BmRB_4m0DEAWazCoCVnimEmk4djRET9hPY -56uMuc3dNBocnc1fWAaBReB3CjXExKL9wHhon0At_IIf5oxY9b61hyywx3qHePqGYkThYtzgcfi X2mH3bSTWByb1etdQwpFwPSvkTzxo>  Batusis have announced the west coast tour for October. Cheetah Chrome, Syl Sylvain and the band will be delivering the rock and roll in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and a bunch more places in between. New gig dates have also been announced for David Thomas, Prisoners, THOR, and new exhibition dates have been announced for Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen. See the gig schedule copied below.  Upcoming release dates: November 2, 2010: The New Hope compilation reissue (double LP with free download code), and Complaints Choir DVD/triple CD! We also have a few Eerie Records download releases going live in October. Details next month.  Thank you for voting in the SXSW2011 Panel Picker!  < Fqscsi34OStL0yPReI5eTV8tGtmKYDfr04TwgJHr4uaCA9ZT1UFh6h82TytFq22_0l2lGVUsRZyE 7Qiir8TXi-JMsh7RDt732n1QQ=>  has a new download release this month, a live Pere Ubu set. Here's what we know of it: Pere Ubu "Light It Up!": Recorded at the Oosterpoort, Groningen, Netherlands, May 20 2007, during the Why I Hate Women tour. A great performance from a band in form. The entire set is included with some memorable (and surprisingly succinct) song intros. Get it here (click on the image):   < NFqscuqtWtFg7xprMsrtN1rUSFvqvuWEyABRC4CV0E7uLVHsXNhOwpqSUgPX4BkpV7Jb4NBMc79v 1BkeVzmibYYopM9FWxKGz_x9qEIfGHt5U3ldOvyAWXGfhsl> Updates for all the new stuff, reviews, mp3 samples and videos available daily at the Smog Veil Facebook fan page. Check it out:  Smog Veil Records at Facebook link! < FqscvwukUqzP7EsZPb0ykXBgl_a0zuIAqmr-sgp5Syph3keDTpMGbj14rHaLyX0HhfwzUr7I1ZB9 vFD-MyU8LHMxMLKGO_8zvSazQ0izeZjJxHYCPA3NsYcRD-tQGdHqCUAc9QyjNQTQQwva56u8K12v FFdjA4d7TRODE=>   Check out a Smog Veil band in your area:  DAVID THOMAS: < FqscsMP6T480P3oP2WI6LjHcFw5RCJySYvI_d4kYNMdw11HqtuTdDo_1QeGA7r6qcELxGfyAUI5E jjcg7A39SgGda24kj9RtawCXfOULBKlyIvPQ==>  Fri, Oct 8: Copenhagen, Københavns Hovedbibliotek (Copenhagen Main Library) The Geography Of Sound, a lecture performance  Sat, Oct 9: Copenhagen, Lillely Live, Solo concert performance of "Ghost Line Diaries" An intimate setting (contact Lars   TELLERVO KALLEINEN AND OLIVER KOCHTA-KALLEINEN < FqscvkLh1bq_z48NDdZtmPGbV-UZfuHvsY-Uv83SURY2FhnuzT-nAQ18842EMmPMzPqDrFP-xUZt lI1GWtW1mm5tnVPGDMzIbtuZXtEmEI5HghPp_GSNvuUrtu>  14. April - 19 September: at Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland: Swedish and Finnish Contemporary Art (I Love My Job-installation) (More info of the project: < Fqscv5UsJUlRhADZP4Q7SnPExQUOY8dt4A-JObvOVK7JYRfmi5ruY61X3fL7m1s9WrV1M05kvb3Y d-62OF4QnMeQRpLGHuYStGi6WVCwQuZLZCcg==> )  to September 26: Exhibition: RAISE YOUR VOICE, Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Work: Complaints Choir (The complete 4-channel installation including all 8 choirs)  September 24-October 3: Festival: MADNESS AND ARTS, Haarlem, Netherlands, Work: People in White (The First Preview of the new work 25th October 4pm!)  October 6: Screening at  KIASMA, Helsinki, 6pm Work: Complaints Choirs of Singapore, Chicago and Tokyo  September 10-October 10: Exhibition: VOCAL THOUGHTS, Location: Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia (CASCA), Work: Complaints Choir (The complete 4-channel installation including all 8 choirs)  October 2010: Festival: 4th CAIRO VIDEO FESTIVAL, Location: Medrar for Contemporary Art / Goethe institute of Cairo, Work: Dream Land - 20 dreams about a president  October 13-17: Festival: IMPAKT, Location: Utrecht, Netherlands Work: The Making of Utopia  October 28 2010 - March 6 2011: Exhibition: PUBLICS AND COUNTER PUBLICS, Location: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Seville, Spain, Work: Complaints Choir (The complete 4-channel installation including all 8 choirs)  November 14: Cologne Complaints Choir, public performance, Comedia Concert Hall, Cologne Germany  November 20: Baltic Circle -festival, Helsinki JOKAklubi by Niina Lehtonen-Braun, Mirka Raito and Tellervo Kalleinen With Quest Stars Jaques Palminger, Carsten Erobique Meyer and Miss Le Bomb! December 4, 2010 - January 2, 2011: Exhibition: DREAM LAND Location: Rauma Art Museum, Rauma, Finland, Work: Dream Land - 20 Dreams about a president   CHEETAH CHROME < Fqscu2sGhtBJmKoGY1zOSf5ZiKHLuujEqQ6cRpV4ZkeoNUfFxah597D_WL1xFTBSAx0TOAs9zBkQ NSTPv-AGkG0Cgg60SFMqLh31fEw4nbskUM_A==>  Batusis BATUSIS web site LINK < Fqsct1KY5vyaQVa83ryi6ke7hDN7uKu0YC7ksV_LZ3CwDcJZ7-bxllBsj0ytQRTaYexMm68P-b2z kYBNy2CZMZJUhmCfGjmPzret6jZUIcZpZlLNMogE9ghn85>  10/15 - Carlsbad - Hensley's  10/16 - Long Beach - Alex's Bar  10/17 - San Francisco - Thee Parkside  10/19 - Portland - Lola's Room at Crystal Ballroom  10/20 - Seattle - The Funhouse  10/22 - Reno - Tonic Lounge  10/23 - Sacramento - Blue Lamp  10/24 - Los Angeles - Viper Room  10/26 - San Diego - Brick By Brick  10/27 - Phoenix - Rhythm Room   THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY < Fqscs8y2aYf7uOURLp0QzpWaT03N-vnmLG6K5Hh1gHvSW95L1ijPTG11aKF76CaqsI-7viGi1ExO j9a1AObYBdPNYEAQ4lT5swa382LkGFX4JE8vz6r94dhuvAT7hlWLPlWJOQRptKczSUrg==>  MORE GIGS ANNOUNCED SOON   BUTCHER BOYS Butcher Boys online < FqsctdHmoyfPNSnaxHypyDQjh3ngIvNQMdHphGZmB77Blwk8pO4HLvSXHJHBVqmGuwLI9UW9JbOw QGXowsCjrPiNARXsJzi3KOPZu2xi8JSZsJwQ==>  September 18: Milford Irish Fest, Milford, CT   PRISONERS < FqsctGVEdPiaqBTBiAbZtbOE-peM93d5jL2K6UzeRSFvZfYxaFWcOjC3uBhl_nMOmigFhvHBUb-- Kvr6ssf0uuQNaut56EyTIVO6pwfNSa6QX-LyEhPmhdOHNZj7B0KcTgPd8=>  Oct. 9: Cleveland, OH, The Happy Dog  Oct. 26: Cleveland, OH, Now That's Class   THOR < FqscvOFZVSvN_FH5MSrQnHo7opf-Iz3DgGB-r2-5Fiyb78o_6EQYR-mf6_UZ50KaZw_6qpz4BFzj ah79ALU1UYo3F6J0l_V7GiXP7UfNjkJf52Ig==>  Oct 16: Palomino, Calgary, BC  Oct 28: Rue Morgue Presents- THOR-A Night Of Ragnarock(Live Concert plus advance preview of THOR's new movie "THOR-Ragnarock" Sneaky Dee's Concert Theatre, Toronto  Oct 29: Spasm Film Festival- Simon Lacroix presents THOR (Live concert plus advance preview of the movie "THOR-Ragnarock") Club Soda Event Centre, Montreal. Quebec  Nov 13: Imperial Theatre, Quebec City    Ok, all for now comrades...Mr. Frank/Smog Veil Boss 
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