Devo offer Charlie Sheen a position in the band



Gerald Casale from Devo wants Charlie Sheen to join his band.

In an interview with Gordon Downs from Casale explained that Devo rarely tour because of founding member Mark Mothersbaugh's reluctance to go out on the road but he would love to get Charlie Sheen in the band.

'Would you take this moment and officially extend an invitation to Charlie Sheen to become a member of Devo and go on this upcoming tour?' Downs asked Casale.

''We'd be honored. Any of our songs that he wanted to sing,' Casale answered. 'Well actually now I realize what I have to do today, which is since Mark doesn't want to tour, I need to ask Charlie Sheen if he'd be our lead singer.'

Casale sounds like a huge Charlie Sheen fan. 'This guy's brilliant, he's a philosopher of our devolved culture,' he said. 'He impresses me with the shit he says, it's unbelievable>'

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