Like 38 buses, you wait years for a CELIBATE RIFLES reissue and then two come along at once!

The Sydney punks rose to prominence during the 80s Aussie underground explosion via a string of explosive releases, known for their musical chops and incisive and insightful lyrics, which they took to the world through a series of international tours.

In recent years, despite the sad passing of frontman Damien Lovelock in 2019, the band have continued to wield influence over the latest crop of young Aussie punks like Civic, COFFIN and Split System.

Now two albums from the band's golden age are set for a long-awaited and much needed vinyl reissue...

Originally released in June 1986 through Hot Records, The Turgid Miasma Of Existence was the band's third album, which saw their songwriting an musical vision step up a gear, with tracks like 'Sometimes', 'Bill Bonney Regrets' and 'Conflict Of Instinct' quickly becoming live favourites. It was originally begun at the famous Albert's Studio, before they were kicked out and had to complete recording at Rick Turk's Honeyfarm facility in Duffy's Forest.

“Some good tunes, hard...” remembers guitarist and producer Kent Steedman. “Ironically just about every sentiment is unfortunately still current today... fuckers still invading countries, problems with drugs, the drudgery and isolation, the intrusion on our person space, destroying natural places and lack of care or empathy and media manipulating. Bit sad really as I write it... no wonder turgid… it’s hard and angry to some degree... Sonically very Australian, blame me for a lot of it… how I heard stuff, I didn’t always have the skill to bring what I heard out, but the energy compensated a bit. It was consciously made within our skill set to not follow the current recording trends of the time...”

Re-released on vinyl for the first time in many years in a full replica of its original gatefold sleeve, with a download card for four previously unreleased live tracks, it's available to order now through Area Pirata.

The Rifles' first live album, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was released in November 1986 and is a document of the band's US tour, recorded live at the famed CBGB's. Catching the band in their element, it features eleven Rifles classics plus covers of Radio Birdman's Aussie punk anthem 'Burn My Eye' and The Only Ones' 'City Of Fun'.

It's available on Bang! Records here.



In other Rifles news, Damo The Musical, the film capturing the band's live tribute to their dearly departed and much-missed frontman Damien Lovelock, has now been officially uploaded to YouTube.

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