Budweiser presents   CBGB-THE HOME OF UNDERGROUND ROCK                                          

CBGB: The Home of Underground Rock                                                                                      © Lisa J. Kristal      

Launch night: 3rd June 2009

Exhibition runs from: 4th June to 9th August 2009

Budweiser is recreating Rock’s most infamous club at London’s iconic Proud Camden.

Images of the legendary New York club CBGB will be revealed in an exclusive photographic exhibition of predominantly unseen shots. Lisa Kristal – daughter of Hilly Kristal, the venue’s famous founder - will expose the bands, lifestyle and club in a way only someone on the inside of that incredible scene could.

The first exhibition of its kind, Proud Camden pays homage to the venue that spawned a new era of Punk, a movement that was to irreversibly change the course of music history.

From the Ramones to Patti Smith, The Damned to Television, this exhibition will bring the stars of the movement back together for the first time since CBGB’s much publicised closure in 2006, making this one of Proud Camden’s most exciting exhibitions to date.

Lisa Kristal says “CBGB became an outlet for those who believed in music as a form of expression, whoever they were and from wherever they came.  People say CBGB changed the course of music history, who knows where we’d be without it.  All I know is that it certainly made a huge impact on those individuals and groups who were a part of it and its legacy continues to do so to this day.”

Budweiser, the legendary American beer, is an iconic drink for musicians and artists. The beer the drink of choice in the New York of the 70s and was served in the original CBGB’s venue, with Budweiser’s famous neon signs hanging over the punk-era bar.

Budweiser will resurrect the music of the era on a special night hosted by the eclectic Zane Lowe who’ll cast the musical clock back to CBGB’s punk heyday on Wednesday June 24th.


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