The BUZZCOCKS have spoken to the News of the World newspaper to take about their history and that they plan to write a new album, due out before the end of the year. Guitarist Steve Diggle explained,

“We’re still here trying to make real music for real people,” insists Steve. “In fact, I feel more fire now than I did when I was 20. What’s the alternative? Snow Patrol and Coldplay? They’re not rock revolutionaries — they’re Blue Peter presenters with guitars. You tend to be so busy writing, recording and playing gigs that you don’t appreciate how much impact your music is having. It wasn’t until Bruce Springsteen told me how much our music meant to him that I began to think about that stuff.”

“It’s crucial for us to keep going forward. Some people like to remember the past. Me? I like to say, ‘Remember the future’.”

Touring the UK in January and Europe in February and March, its expected the band will start writing the highly anticipated new album when they return.


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