Students and staff came together to celebrate on Thursday 9 July 
2009) at the University of Bolton as two days of degree congregation 
ceremonies began.

The graduation ceremony was also a homecoming for two founder 
members of the band The Buzzcocks. Howard Devoto and Pete Shelley 
received Honorary Doctorates for their outstanding contribution to the 
field of music.

They co-formed The Buzzcocks while students at Bolton Institute, which 
is now the University of Bolton, where they studied humanities.

Pete is best known as the group’s lead singer, while Howard, who quit 
after their first single, went on to form the influential band, 

Pete said: “The university has changed a lot, not like us.

“It was a good environment and allowed you to be what you wanted to be 
and do what you wanted to do, like we did.”

Commenting on his achievement, Howard laughed: “Be careful what you do 
because you could end up wearing these robes like we are!

“It is an honour to be awarded in this way from the place we once 
attended. I did learn a lot.”

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