OVERVIEWSteve Diggle is a major part of the legendary Buzzcocks writing Joe Strummer’s favourite Buzzcocks tune, ‘Autonomy’. Prolific solo output and now film actor together with Phil Daniels and Keith Allen in forthcoming film, ‘Vinyl’. ‘Air Conditioning’ is a refreshing blast of punk attitude and conscious lyrical content. Railing against the plastic and throw-away nature of the modern music machine Steve and his band The Revolution Of Sound have recorded 13 tracks that all punks, mods and rockers, old and new will be able to relate to.:Diggle-equal parts dreamer,cynic,magpie,trooper,turbo-nutter and tunesmith extraodinare” Andy Perry Mojo SELLING POINTS •First solo album since the release of “Serious Contender” (EMI Records 2005) •Second solo album on Steve’s own 3.30 Records •Still performing with The Buzzcocks for sold out audiences around the world •One of the finest songwriters to come out of the punk era TRACK LISTING 1)In The Air 2)Hey Maria 3)Planet Star 4)World Spinning Round 5)Listen To Your Tambourine 6)Rock Revolution Punk 7)Yeah Man Yeah 8)Victory Road 9)Altitude High 10)Plastic Kisses 11)Changing Of Your Guard 12)Sparkle Of The Sun 13)Rock Revolution Punk Total Running Time 51.99
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