It turns out it won’t be all that much bigger than previous reunions after all. Slicing Up Eyeballs reports the band is set to play at a yet-to-be-revealed London date on September 28th. According to Trevor Horn, the performance, which will look to London’s Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, is a one-time event: “No tour is planned, no DVD or live CD will be released.”

In the first video ever played on MTV, the Buggles famously sang that “video killed the radio star.” That mantra has since become “internet killed the video star,” and the Buggles seem to be moving that way too. Singer/producer Trevor Horn posted a blog entry on his website titled “The Buggles Will Return 28.09.10,” telling fans to “Watch this space…” The man knows how to generate web buzz.

The Buggles have reunited before, once in 1998 and again in 2004 for a charity gig. The cryptic note suggests this might be something bigger, though. Will it be a concert? A tour? A new video? A remaster of their 1981 album Adventures in Modern Recording came out in February, with extensive new liner notes by Horn, so perhaps this is related.

We’ll post more details as they emerge. Until then, relive the golden age of MTV with, what else, “Video Killed the Radio Star”.

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